Please find here answers to most frequent questions.

Which OS HOLOFIT is compatible with ?

HOLOFIT is a Windows only program. We recommend using Windows 10.

Which VR headsets are compatible with the HOLOFIT?

We recommend the use of HTC VIVE to benefit fully from the HOLOFIT experience. Oculus is technically compatible but we do not give support for it.

My HOLOFIT is rebooting repetedly.

HOLOFIT has a watchdog routine, if it is rebooting it means there is something wrong with the setup.
It will reboot 5 times before shutting down.

If it is the case please check your installation and cables before relaunching it.

Do I need to use STEAMVR to use HOLOFIT?

Yes, STEAMVR is a requirement to be able to use the HOLOFIT.

Which fitness machines are you compatible with?

HOLOFIT is compatible with rowers, bikes and elliptical fitness machines. To get the up to date of brands & models, please contact us directly.

Do I need to calibrate the VIVE each time?

No, once the setup is in place, you are done.

How about sweat ? Is it a problem with the headset?

It is expected to have sweat & heat while working out, with or without VR. In our case, we use hydrophobe covers to ensure the hardware is not in contact with it. It is also very easy to dry & clean.

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