New Year, new HOLOFIT update:

We hope you’ve had a great time during the holidays, that you’ve rested a bit and that you’re already back on your fitness routine 

Now, here’s what we’ve prepared for you this time around: 

Welcome, heart rate monitors

HOLOFIT can now handle two Bluetooth connections at the same time: meaning that in addition to your fitness machine, you can now pair a heart rate monitor. 

Your live heart rate will be displayed in your workout, and you’ll see your average and maximum heart rate at the end of your workout, on the results screen. 

This is Phase 1 of our HR monitor integration so heart rate monitors will not currently work for HOLOFIT Freestyle or non-Bluetooth rowing. However, in a soon-to-follow update, these users can expect HR functionality, too. 

New and improved Bluetooth driver

To enable two simultaneous connections to HOLOFIT, we’ve had to make changes to the Bluetooth driver and brought in a series of additional improvements.

? Because of the new driver, you will have to pair your fitness machine to HOLOFIT once again. Simply head to the settings, and follow the instructions from there. 

? HOLOFIT can now save up to 5 fitness machines and up to 5 HR monitors. Anyone who has two or more fitness machines can now switch between them seamlessly. 

? The Bluetooth connection should generally be more stable, enabling better HOLOFIT workouts. 

Great updates to come

You should know that we always have something in store for you. Coming soon: 

Holodeck: Your own personal Holodeck is coming to your new HOLOFIT lobby, unlocking a whole new set of customization options, as well as improvements to your HOLOFIT user experience. 

Antarctica Remaster: Our art team has been hard at work remastering this fan-favorite HOLOworld. Expect ice so cool looking that you can almost feel the cold, character makeovers, and even some intriguing mystery introduced. Maybe you’ll finally get to the bottom of what the researchers were looking for… 

Multiplayer 2.0: You’re finally getting the Multiplayer you deserve! The first phase will bring new HOLOworlds to Multiplayer while the second should make it much easier to connect with your friends.