Indoor rowing is a highly effective full-body exercise with very little impact on the joints. It activates around 80% of your body’s muscles, more than any other cardio machine, and it can burn up to 377 kcal in a 30-minute workout. Amazing, right?! 

Yes! That is if you do it correctly.

If you’ve followed any rowing publications, one topic you’ll notice is talked about constantly is achieving proper rowing form. So, how do you do it?

Just make sure that you check all the boxes in our free Rowing checklist. Download it here.

Let us take you through what the checklist contains. 

Proper indoor rowing form checklist

Having been in your shoes, we completely get how it can be a bit difficult to get that correct rowing form. As most of us find checklists work great for us, we have made this free checklist where all you have to do is check all the boxes in your rowing to make sure you have proper form. 

The checklist will take you all the way from the catch to the recovery phases of rowing, making sure you complete all four stages as precisely as possible. 

We keep ours printed out in the office, right next to the rowing machine where we are constantly reminded of things we have to pay attention to. 

Most common rowing mistakes & How to fix them

While the checklist itself can make rowing sound very simple, it’s actually very easy to end up working out incorrectly. As a result, you could end up missing out on the many benefits of indoor rowing, or even worse, injure yourself. 

It’s because of this that we’ve compiled the list of most frequent rowing mistakes and how to fix them. Go through the list, make sure that you are not making any of these mistakes and correct any that you might be making. 

It’s time to start reaping ALL the benefits of indoor rowing. 


Download our free Indoor Rowing Checklist (including Most Common Mistakes & How to Fix Them) today!