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Innovative Virtual Reality Solutions

Completely immersive experience for your clients.
Holodia’s creed is to provide innovative solutions and environments, using the VR medium. Our focus is to answer your need for differentiation, marketing, higher profitability and the greater satisfaction of the end-user.


Fitness solutions

Bored of staring at the walls or a screen during your fitness workout? Counting the seconds before you are done with cardio training?

Wouldn’t you rather row and bike in inaccessible and exceptional real world landmarks, challenge friends or discover new imaginary worlds?

Holodia VR solution puts the fun back into indoor fitness!

Real Estate

Real Estate Solutions

It is always tedious for a client to imagine their future home from a plan or a static rendering. Provide the opportunity to live in it, experience the atmosphere and assess the volumes, in total immersion.



Event Solutions

Holodia has developed a virtual reality solution that can serve team building, new product design and market launch. We have the tools and the expertise that will push your event at the forefront of innovation, impacting highly on all your visibility needs.
Our virtual reality solution will transform in a cost effective way your event into THE Event.




Holodia experts are at the forefront of design and implementation of the VR solution for virtual simulation, virtual social media interaction, virtual reality immersion, haptics and telepresence. Our engineers have already resolved key technological issues and are constantly gearing to improve the technology and design of VR HMD, music integration, miniaturization and the development of accurate full body immersion.




Bertrand Vecten

Silver Olympic medallist, Rowing Altanta 96

“Amazing product. So funny and so good, probably the best innovative tool I've ever seen in my rowing carreer. Thank you all, for an absolutely fantastic motivational tool to increase practice of indoor rowing.”


Thierry Blandet

VR Engineer, iCube Laboratory, French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)

“Interaction proposed by the rower, the quality of the 3D scene and the use of a wide field of vision head mounted display, allows a truly convincing immersion. This immersive system meets all the criteria of what should be a virtual reality system. The tested prototype suggests, by the use of other devices and other kinds of 3D scenes, creating virtual reality applications in many other areas.”


Dr Anna

PhD, Exercise Physiologist, Professional athlete

“This product immerses you in a fantastic environment, a universe that stimulates you to train with motivation and tenacity. The desire to discover different virtual worlds is as strong as the desire to enhance further sports performance. There is no doubt this new tool allows you to train while time flies without you even noticing, and you progress much faster than with conventional fitness room equipment.”




We are proud to announce, with this official launch video, the availability of the Holofit our Virtual Reality Solution for fitness ! The first client feedback are amazing ! To support the project : share the video and follow us to stay tuned ! Our Facebook Page : and Twitter :

VIDEO INTERVIEW: The HOLOFIT Virtual Reality for fitness

FRENCH INTERVIEW of Olivier Zitvogel (founder of Holodia) about the HOLOFIT the ultimate VR solution for fitness for Melty (Coca-Cola Happiness Gaming Club).  

HTC Vive pékin site

Holodia invited by HTC in China !

We are deeply honoured to have been invited by HTC to show the Holofit during HTC Vive‘s launch Event in Beijing, China ! « THIS IS REAL » CLICK HERE TO LOOK THE PHOTO GALLERY  

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