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HOLOFIT™ is the leading global VR fitness software platform
that offers multisport immersive VR training, competition, fun, and networking,
across borders, anywhere you choose to train.

HOLOFIT™ reinvents Fitness through VIRTUAL REALITY
With HOLOFIT™ each workout session turns into a new, fantastic adventure
that continuously encourages you to explore further and reach your fitness goals.

Compete with your friends at the gym, online, or with others in a gym class, track and improve your progress, get fit while having fun!

HOLOFIT™ is compatible with the major fitness machine brands

Solo or Group sport

Biking Spinning



“VR rowing turns a workout into a vacation” (Engadget)

Attracting new customers and retaining old ones is challenging –
and we can change that!

HOLOFIT™ never gets boring –
new environments and features keep on coming!
It offers exclusive premium services through performance follow-up,
virtual coaching and online or local competitions encompassing training,
relaxation and gaming. Anywhere in the world and always at your gym!

Take a step ahead and position your business as a leader
of the next major fitness revolution!

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With HOLOFIT™ you reach goals and more – while having fun.

Whether you are a top athlete looking to improve performance on a margin, a regular fitness user or just looking for the right motivation tool to start working out and improve your fitness and health, HOLOFIT™ will help get you there!

HOLOFIT™ gives you instant access to better fitness, its your coach in virtual reality or just a connection to anyone in the World that you wish to compete or train with.

The experience is virtual but the results are real!


Franck Hédin CMG Sports Club CEO
“CMG Sports Clubs focuses on innovation offering new products based on new technologies – maintaining the motivation of our members is a key goal.
Cardio rowers enable high quality training, but often very boring. THE SUCCESS OF HOLOFIT™ in our Saint-Lazare Club CAN BE SEEN WITH THE NAKED EYE : the rowers are used all the time! Much more than in our other 22 clubs.”

Andre Falcucci Daily Fitness owner
“After using the HOLOFIT system in our establishment for one month, we had all our customers full support. EVERYONE IS THRILLED, DELIGHTED, AMAZED!”

Bertrand Vecten Silver Olympic medallist
“Amazing product. So funny and so good, PROBABLY THE BEST INNOVATIVE TOOL I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY ROWING CARREER. Thank you all, for an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC MOTIVATIONAL TOOL to increase practice of indoor rowing.”


“HOLOFIT VR rowing turns a workout into a vacation”

“HOLODIA fitness on HTC Vive VR lets you pretend you’re anywhere but the gym. There’s a virtual reality experience that can spirit you away.”

“Aiming to inject some excitement into your rowing or stationary biking sessions in the gym.”

“HOLOFIT on a rowing machine makes cardio way more fun”

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Holodia Reinvents fitness with virtual reality

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