MyHOLOFIT Story: HOLOFIT VR Fitness Community Shares Their Stories

HOLOFIT Family rowers, cyclists and elliptical runners talk about HOLOFIT.

Keith uses HOLOFIT on his elliptical, and so far, his results are incredible.

Alexa loves using HOLOFIT on her bike, especially during winter, indoor season.

With HOLOFIT on his rowing machine, Najee has significantly improved his health.

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One of the biggest rowing influencers, Dark Horse Rowing reviews VR rowing on HOLOFIT.

Holofit Review – VR Workout App For Multiple Fitness Machines!

VR influencers, Cas and Chary review the multisport HOLOFIT VR Fitness platform.

“Wow!!! I just love HOLOFIT… This has to be the coolest fitness software in the world! I just was going to briefly pair the Concept 2 rower, but ended up in Babylon and had a blast!

Unbelievable customer support… Mega thanks to Boban!”
Ann Byers, HOLOFIT Member
“It is great to see my endurance increasing. I’m on a 30-day self-challenge. I am motivated and driven. I just need my body to catch up with my will. It seems that is happening, thanks to HOLOFIT.”
Najee W, HOLOFIT Member
“It’s an absolute recommendation from me, and I will continue to use this as a major part of my weekly training regimen.”
Kevin, HOLOFIT Member
“ I purchased an Oculus Quest, a simple exercise bike and took out a HOLOFIT software subscription for considerably less than the thousands it would have cost me this time last year.

And… and… and…


Elizabeth T, HOLOFIT Member

“So far I’ve played a handful and IT IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. I move, I sweat, I get out of breath, my legs are weak and I can’t stand! AND I DON’T WANT TO STOP!”

Jane, HOLOFIT Member

“This is seriously something I’ve dreamt of since I was like 7 years old when I was forced to work out.. I never liked going to the gym as I thought it was boring..but thanks to HOLOFIT VR I am a regular!”

Denisse Leon, HOLOFIT Member

“Holofit turned rowing from a constraint to the highlight of the day.”

Sylvain Davril, HOLOFIT Member