How to Connect Your Fitness Machine to HOLOFIT

Watch the video tutorial or scroll down to read the instructions.


A) When the HOLOFIT App starts, and after the 3-2-1 calibration the virtual coach will take you to the Bluetooth settings. To access them on your own, look down and click the Settings logo. Select the “Equipment” option.

holofit main menu   holofit freestyle

Select “Controllers” to access the Freestyle mode to use HOLOFIT without a fitness machine.

B) Find the fitness machine in the panel on your right and click it. Just make sure that you enable your fitness machine’s Bluetooth connection beforehand.

   holofit bluetooth

Your fitness machine is now paired with HOLOFIT Go.

NOTE: For the connection to work, make sure that your fitness machine is disconnected from any other devices (i.e. your phone) before you put on the headset. If you’re using the cadence sensor please also select the fitness machine type available above Bluetooth settings.


A) You’ll first have to put the battery you received in your package into the sensor.

Open the back panel, put the battery in, and close the back panel. The sensor will now start working.

B) Attach the cadence sensor to the inside of one of the pedals. Find a spot where it won’t be touching you or the bike
while you’re cycling. Hook the sensor on using the elastic bands you received in the package.


C) Finally, connect HOLOFIT to the cadence sensor using Bluetooth. It will automatically be visible in the pairing
settings on HOLOFIT. Refer to the previous step for step-by-step instructions.

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