I can’t log in to Holofit!

Reset from the Companion app

  1. Go to the Companion app (Google Play | App Store);
  2. Log out of your account (if you are logged in);
  3. Click Forgot password:
  4. Follow the instructions from the email.
  5. Once you’re done, go to Holofit and try to log in using the new password.

Reset from Holofit

  1. Run Holofit;
  2. Click on the Try Demo button:
  3. Click on the Log in tab:
    Log in and Sign up tabs
  4. Click I forgot my password:
    I forgot my password
  5. You will receive an email with the link to reset your password.
Note that the Companion app account and myholofit.holodia.com account are not the same – if you make changes to one account, the other one stays intact

If you can’t log in to myholofit.holodia.com, please go to this page: I can’t log in to myholofit.holodia.com!