How to register my headset?


2. Upon opening HOLOFIT, you will be presented with the paywall. Under the words Limited plan FREE, click on the orange Continue button. This will lead you to the login/signup page from which you will be able to access Demo mode:

3. If you already have a HOLOFIT profile, click on your profile card. In case your profile card is not shown or you do not have a HOLOFIT profile created, click on the Add new profile button and then select either the Log in or Sign up option:

4. Once you log in or sign up, you will be presented with the HOLOFIT’s main menu:

5. Turn around to see a dashboard. Write down the highlighted 5-character code (HOLOFIT ID):

6. Go to and enter the 5-character code (HOLOFIT ID) here:
HOLOFIT 5-character code

If you run into any issues during the registration process, send the  5-character code (HOLOFIT ID) to