Adventurers, get ready for an extraordinarily crabtivating voyage in HOLOFIT’s latest event – the Summer Event.

It was high tide our HOLOworlds were transformed into a vibrant blend of summer paradise and pirate allure, accompanied by a cast of crabs!

What’s the story behind the unexpected arrival of these mysterious crabs? Not so long ago, a fabled pirate captain (and avid Holofitter) known as Captain Fitbeard and his crew stumbled upon a hidden treasure trove.

The pirates, enchanted by the newfound valuable booty, completely forgot about their ship, leaving it up for grabs.

Fate took a twist, and the ship is currently being held hostage by the mischievous cast of crabs. We caught wind of this extraordinary event and took the opportunity to turn it into an unforgettable virtual exploration.

The mission is simple: To get the ship back, Captain Fitbeard needs your help in finding all 16 mischievous crustaceans hiding in the HOLOworlds (all except Aiguebelette). 

But beware, fellow adventurers, for the crabs are cunning and agile, and they won’t give up the pirate ship without a fight!

Prepare to navigate treacherous waters, dodge crabby claws, and unlock the mysteries of the deep.


  • Explore the HOLOworlds from August 15th to September 5th.
  • Find the 16 crab trophies in Journey mode. (All HOLOworlds except Aiguebelette).
  • Unlock the limited Pirate HOLOship.

Don’t miss your chance to partake in this thrilling summer adventure and claim your place among the bravest pirates in the HOLOFIT universe!

P.S. Did you hear about the crab that went to the gym? He pulled a mussel!