15 Minutes on the Elliptical is Great for Weight Loss, and VR on the Elliptical is Great for Motivation

2024-06-10T12:45:21+02:00Juni 10th, 2024|Elliptical Running, VR Fitness|

If weight loss is on your list of fitness goals, you’re probably looking for a good workout plan that can maximize your effort. After all, no one wants to spend hours on a cardio machine.  The good news is [...]

How to Stay Motivated to Exercise in the Hot Weather – Tips for Staying Active This Summer

2022-07-11T14:43:10+02:00Juli 30th, 2021|Cycling, Elliptical Running, Health & Wellness, Rowing|

Every year Summer comes around and our fitness motivation dwindles down. Working out becomes too hot, too humid, too boring, something you`ll get to next week or right after you get back from the holiday. Not anymore! Let's break the [...]

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