IT’S HERE!!! ?  The Cyberpunk World of the HOLOFIT Universe is finally here, right before Christmas ?  

Explore this dystopian world and relive the excitement of Blade Runner, all while getting fit ? 

At the very start, you’ll find yourself in the Underworld city, at the edge of this futuristic society, and you’ll have to overcome great challenges to get to the cathartic High World. 

But beware: this world is a challenging one, with lots of exciting quests for your mind and body. 

Do you think you can do it? Update your HOLOFIT and try it over the Holidays! 

The Cyberpunk World of the HOLOFIT Universe

The Cyberpunk World of the HOLOFIT Universe

What else is new?

Current time: Some of you have asked us to display the current time in HOLOFIT, and we listened! In the settings, you’ll now be able to switch this feature on. This is among the first in the series of customization settings that are coming to HOLOFIT in the near future. 

Current time setting in HOLOFIT

Bugs & fixes: As usual, we’ve fixed a number of bugs, some of which you have reported yourself. Thank you! 

Be sure to let us know what you think! Happy Holidays and enjoy Cyberpunk. Thank you for an awesome year, only great things ahead ?

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