We hope you’ve been having a great year so far, but it’s about to get even better – 

It’s time for the FABruary update that will let you paint your HOLOFIT experience in a variety of new colors. 

Welcome HOLOdeck 

The first version of HOLOdeck includes a reworked lobby (with a few surprising visitors), new customizable HOLOships, and a series of useful shortcuts. 

That’s right: you can now dress your HOLOship in a variety of colors and skins – or, you can opt for the legacy vehicles and keep using what you’re used to. Remember, this is just the beginning of future customization options!

A couple of things you should know about: 

  •  New HOLOships are currently only available for fitness machines in Journey and Zen modes. 
  •  HOLOFIT Freestyle, other game modes, and Cambridge, Augbilette, and Troglodyte will receive the HOLOship in one of the upcoming updates. 
  •  For HOLOFIT Freestyle users: you can now use the HOLOdeck platform freestyle sports icons to select the sport for your workout. You will no longer do this during the workout setup.  

You’ll see the HOLOdeck platform right next to the main menu with the option to customize it: switch the vehicle model, change the color scheme, or opt for the legacy vehicles. Make your selection, click the “equip” button, and then start your workout. 

Color your own HOLOFIT experience and let us know your favorite combinations! 

Various Bug Fixes 

As usual, we’ve also fixed a series of bugs you’ve reported: the most important of which is an improvement to the Bluetooth settings UI that will now clearly state the status of your Bluetooth connection, including “connecting”, “connected”, “incompatible”, “disconnecting”, and “disconnected”…

What’s Coming Next 

Antarctica Remaster, a brand-new HOLOworld, Multiplayer 2.0… There are many things to look forward to, starting with the remaster of this fan-favorite world. 

Our art team has been hard at work remastering Antarctica. Expect ice so cool looking that you can almost feel the cold, character makeovers, and even some intriguing mystery introduced. Maybe you’ll finally get to the bottom of what the researchers were looking for…

Stay tuned!

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