Summer has started, but we’ve got the solution – why not cool off in the splashing canals of Venice, our newest HOLOworld?

Welcome, Venice

Pack your virtual bags and prepare for the ultimate fitness adventure in the Floating City! 

Visit all the top sights, like the iconic Rialto Bridge, Plaza San Marco, and the majestic Grand Canal. Immerse yourself in unique Venetian experiences and witness the historic graduation of Elena, the world`s first female graduate. 

Uncover the city’s hidden gems, but don’t hesitate to visit the well-known tourist attractions, as they have earned their popularity for a good reason!


Important: Bluetooth Permission Changes 

Due to a new Meta Policy, you may be asked to grant HOLOFIT access to Bluetooth. Please, allow this and you can resume using your Bluetooth machine as usual. 

If you decline by accident, just head to HOLOFIT Bluetooth settings and follow the steps outlined in the pop-up window. Of course, is ready to help. 

Check out the instructions here.

Fresh Music 

It’s a new season so it’s time for some fresh music! All HOLOFIT playlists have been refreshed with some great tracks meant to improve your HOLOFIT experience even further. 

What’s your playlist of choice? 

Various bug fixes 

As usual, this HOLOFIT update brings a variety of bug fixes, many of which you have reported yourself. Thank you for helping make HOLOFIT great!

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