Interested in game-changing, mixed reality fitness experiences? You’re in luck because fitness just met the future!

We dived headfirst into the mixed reality (MR) world with a brand-new workout mode, and we’ve teamed up with Meta to make it happen. Say hello to HOLOFIT Boss Fight!

Our Boss Fight is all set to rock your world on the new Meta Quest 3 headset, and it’s even compatible with Meta Quest 2. That means more of you can join the MR fitness party and experience the magic.

Portal to Another Reality

Imagine this: you’re in the comfort of your own home when you decide to embark on a fitness journey like no other. As you put on the headset, your living room suddenly becomes the epicenter of an otherworldly adventure. 

A portal opens up, revealing a giant, cute but menacing Kraken. Its eyes lock onto yours, and you can practically feel its anger radiating toward you. This Kraken is not just an angry sea creature; it’s armed to the teeth, ready to attack. Barrels and bombs galore, and it means business!

The Battle Begins, Fight Back!

The Kraken wastes no time; it’s fast and furious. Its tentacles are ready to strike and send you back to reality if you’re not careful.

But you’re no pushover. You’ve got evasive maneuvers up your sleeve, and you’re not afraid to use them. As the Kraken’s tentacles come crashing down, you skillfully dodge, weaving and ducking to avoid its powerful blows. 

The Kraken gives you opportunities to strike back. When the timing is right, seize the moment. With precision and agility, serve a couple of hits to the Kraken’s vulnerable points, send those bombs back before they explode, and break the barrels before they hit you. Every hit, every dodge, every move counts.

How to Prepare for Your Fight

For the optimal experience please keep in mind: 

  • Upon starting HOLOFIT after the update, you’ll be asked to give permission to access the Meta Quest’s mixed reality features. You can always edit permissions in the headset’s settings. 
  • To use MR features, you’ll have to set up your virtual room (vs. just the Guardian previously). Your Quest headset will guide you through this process. 
  • You’ll need to have a 6×6 foot clear space to safely take part in the Boss Fight. It’s also a general requirement for mixed-reality features. 
  • Boss Fight is located in the Train menu.

The Future of MR

Boss Fight is our way of bringing gaming and fitness together in a unique, immersive experience. No matter your age or level of fitness, it’s designed to keep you motivated, entertained, and active. 

As technology keeps evolving, we can’t wait to see where mixed reality fitness takes us. Expect more exciting developments soon!