You asked for our virtual rowing, cycling, and running videos, so here they are!

HOLOFIT comes with loads of content and we wanted to give you a preview of it! 

In this blog post, we’ll include four videos – demonstrating VR rowing, VR cycling, and VR elliptical workouts. Your HOLOFIT subscription will let you use HOLOFIT on any, or all on them.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into it. 

VR Rowing Race on Aiguebelette Lake, France 

What could be better than competing in an online rowing race at the location of the World Rowing Championship?! 

In Race Mode, you’re racing against  AI competitors developed to match your skill level, while being challenging enough to enable you to improve your performance. You can even do a half-marathon race, or at least start preparing for it!

Select your distance, and breathe in the shiny water surrounded by impressive mountains while rowing your way to the finish line. Maybe you could be the next World Champion in rowing!

VR Rowing Through the Canyon

In contrast to the Race Mode, the Explore Mode is where you set your own pace, and experience our amazing worlds with all of their amazing details. It turns your regular rower into a spectacular interactive rowing machine. 

Try to collect as many hidden trophies as possible, and review your result in HOLOFIT Companion Mobile App. Where do you rank on the global leaderboard? 

Inspired by the world-famous natural landmark, the Canyon makes you feel in awe of its greatness, its historic moments and its inhabitants. Be also ready to experience some surprising details!

How many hidden trophies do you think you’ll be able to find?

Exploring Ancient Babylon on Your VR Bike

Virtual cycling through Babylon, anyone? 

Even if you aren’t a history buff, you have heard about the magnificent Babylon. HOLOFIT lets you live out this amazing part of history while working out. 

Whichever stationary bike you have: it can be used with HOLOFIT. A simple cadence sensor transforms it into a VR Cycling device where you can work out in a multitude of different environments, only one of which is Babylon. You are one cadence sensor away from having a VR bike

Try to collect all the hidden trophies, complete a guided cardio training in Babylon or race in it. Whichever workout mode you choose, fat burn, Interval or HIIT training, one thing is for sure – you’ll be astonished at how an ancient civilization was able to create all that, you know, Hanging Gardens and all! 

Virtual Running Through Paris in Your VR Elliptical Workout

Check out this VR running workout in one of the biggest tourist attractions in the whole world, the City of Light, Love, and delicious pastries, full of intricate details for you to explore. 

Jog around the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, and try to prevent the theft of Mona Lisa from the Louvre. Experience all that Paris is known for, and more, as the periods of the day change, all while workout out. It might be a VR running workout, but trust us when we say this – the results will be real. 

Full disclosure, though: You might be craving a croissant once you’re done with your workout. But one workout can burn up to 450 calories, so you’ll be fine treating yourself!

If you’re ready to be fully immersed in these environments and write your own story on your way to fitness, don’t forget that we offer a 7-day free trial of HOLOFIT.

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