When we started building the HOLOFIT platform, we planned for it to become your future Fitness Alter Ego: all your fitness needs in one product. And we are one step closer to that goal: we’re releasing this first iteration of HOLOFIT Freestyle, which offers workout options even for those without fitness machines – currently only on Oculus Quest headsets

This means that you’ll be able to combine your cardio workouts on the machine with workouts off the machine in HOLOFIT Freestyle. Right now, those will focus most on core and arm exercises, although we plan on adding two more freestyle sports into our offer very soon that will focus more on lower body and, again – core. We want you to have a full-body super efficient and super fun workout with HOLOFIT.

In HOLOFIT  settings, you’ll now be able to switch between the regular HOLOFIT and the Freestyle. When you choose Freestyle itself, before entering an environment you’ll choose between sports – rowing, running, or cycling. 

How does FreeStyle work?

The Freestyle sports currently available are rowing, running and cycling. While holding the controllers, you’ll have to do certain exercises to take part in the sports. Here’s how they work.

VR Rowing:

Sit on the floor, back 90 degrees to the ground and legs straight. Get your feet stuck under the sofa or something similar, hold the Quest controllers in your hands, bring your arms to the side of your body, and make rowing motions. 

Keep your core strong and engaged. The farther back that you lean, the more core muscles you’ll engage! Remember – pain is good, it`s the weakness leaving your body!

VR Cycling

This is, somewhat ironically, a great arm workout. Stand up straight, keep your core strong and engaged, and start “cycling” with your arms. It might sound easy, but trust us, after one minute of doing this, you won’t think so anymore!

There are also two ways you can do circular arm movements: 

  1. As regular arm bicycle movements with your arms being on the side, which will mostly focus on your shoulders, chest and triceps muscles, or
  2. As boxing speed bag movements, with your forearms next to each other at face heights, that will focus on your forearms, triceps and shoulders.

VR Running:

Stand up straight, hold the controllers in your hands, keep your core engaged. Start running in the same spot. Move your arms as if you were really running, and jog on the balls of your feet. This will activate your arm and shoulder muscles, as well as your calves. 

You can also keep your feet on the ground, making more energetic arm movements while bending your knees slightly. This way you’ll put more pressure on your quads and stomach muscles.

To make it easier for you to understand these movements, we’ve recorded a short video demonstration for you. 

HOLOFIT FreeStyle will help you exercise more of your body, even without your fitness machine, and remember – two very exciting Freestyle sports are coming soon. We know we can’t wait!

If you have an Oculus Quest, but don’t have HOLOFIT yet, head here for your 7-day free trial of HOLOFIT.