How to connect my cadence sensor or fitness machine to Holofit?

Make sure that:

  • your fitness machine has FTMS Bluetooth (FiTness Machine Service protocol). Otherwise, the connection will not be established;
  • you pedal/row for 10-15 seconds before trying to connect the sensor or fitness machine to Holofit;
  • the Nearby devices permission is enabled (Oculus Lobby > Apps > hover over Holofit until you see three dots > Permissions > enable Nearby Devices);
  • your dual-mode sensor (cadence + speed sensor) is using the cadence mode, not the speed mode.
    In the case of Magene S3+ sensors, the red light is for cadence mode, the green light is for speed mode. To change the mode, simply, take out and re-insert the battery.


  1. Go to Holofit Settings (cogwheel):
  2. Select Holofit Setup:
  3. Select Fitness machine:
  4. Click on the + Add device button in the Fitness devices window to add a fitness machine or cadence sensor. To add a heart rate monitor, click on the + Add device button in the Heart rate devices window:


  • NOTE: You will have to choose the correct machine, if you connect with cadence sensor:

In case you are having issues with the HoloBluetooth driver, you can always go back to the legacy driver.

To enable the legacy driver, head over to the Settings page and click on on the Enable the legacy Bluetooth driver switcher:

Settings: Legacy Bluetooth driver

Note that you will not be able to use a heart rate monitor with the legacy driver enabled.

For users who have a rower that does not have FTMS Bluetooth, the steps are a little bit different. Click here to find out.