How to connect my cadence sensor or fitness machine to Holofit?

Make sure that:

  • your fitness machine has FTMS Bluetooth (FiTness Machine Service protocol). Otherwise, the connection will not be established;
  • you pedal/row for 10-15 seconds before trying to connect the sensor or fitness machine to Holofit;
  • the Location permission is be enabled (Oculus Lobby > Apps > hover over Holofit until you see three dots > Permissions > enable Location);
  • your dual-mode sensor (cadence + speed sensor) is using the cadence mode, not the speed mode.
    In case of Magene S3+ sensors, the red light is for cadence mode, the green light is for speed mode. To change the mode, simply, take out and re-insert the battery.

Go to:

  1. Holofit Settings (cogwheel):
  2. Holofit Setup:
  3. Fitness machine:
  4. Find your sensor or fitness machine and connect to it:

Note: if you are connecting to a sensor, you will have to select your fitness machine:

For users who are having a non-Bluetooth rower, the steps are a little bit different. Please, click here to find out

If you have a bike or elliptical that does not have FTMS Bluetooth, you will need to buy a cadence sensor. Click here to see what cadence sensors we’ve tested so far