With the constant development of VR technology, we’ve started applying it to various areas of our professional and private lives where it could add significant benefits. Fitness, as something that people usually find too boring or unmotivating, was almost a natural progression of virtual reality.

If you’re reading this post, chances are that you have already tried some VR fitness apps, and chances are that you’ve liked them and seen that they work, but just need a more challenging workout

Enter HOLOFIT, a fitness-first, gamification-second tool that will challenge your fitness in all the right ways. Over the course of the next few years, we want HOLOFIT to become your fitness alter ego – all your fitness needs in one product. 

Now, while there are many, many plans left in our roadmap, HOLOFIT right now offers VR Rowing, VR Cycling and VR Running on fitness machines, and without fitness machines that target your core, arm, shoulder and back muscles. Two more sports are coming soon! 

In the meantime, let’s dive into 5 amazing workout suggestions on HOLOFIT that will give you the much needed full-body VR workout.

1. Warm-up with Freestyle VR running

Running in HOLOFIT Freestyle works as a great warm-up for your whole body where you can either walk or jog through one of our environments to activate your muscles. 

As you need to use both your feet and your arms, you’ll be able to activate warm-up a large part of your body. Keep your core strong to reap the maximum benefits! 

The Explore mode might be the best choice for your warm-up. Set your own pace as you slowly get your muscles working. While jogging through one of our environments, try to find and collect as many hidden trophies as possible. The more you find the more points you’ll get! 

Suggested environments: Paris, Snowy Mountains, Underwater

2. Arm workout in Freestyle VR cycling

Although somewhat ironic, Freestyle cycling in HOLOFIT is a fantastic arm workout. 

Try one of the guided training plans in Cardio goals. Only 5 minutes in Cardio or Interval training will be a seriously challenging arm workout. Just be careful to not overwork yourself, your need to improve your fitness gradually to avoid injuries, even if the only weight on your body is your Oculus controllers. 

Suggested environments: Tropical, Canyon, Antarctica

3. Core and ab workout in Freestyle VR rowing

It’s time to strengthen the core and get your abs working! 

Sit down on your mat, get your feet stuck under your sofa, and reproduce rowing motions. Try to get as low as possible, the farther back you lean, the more you’ll activate your muscles.

As you row through our environments, you will be working your core. Keep the core strong, your back straight and your arms steady. Want to try it in the race mode? 

Suggested environments: Aiguebelette, Cambridge, Tropical

4. Combine with VR workouts on your machine

The value of HOLOFIT increases with the number of cardio fitness machines you have at your disposal. HOLOFIT works on select rowing machines, and any bicycle or elliptical machine with the addition of a cadence sensor. If you’re not sure if your machine is compatible, check out our HOLOFIT Compatibility Matrix. 

Rowing machines activate 80% of your body’s muscles, yet those are very low impact workouts. You engage your legs, core, arms, shoulders, and back muscles. The elliptical is a fantastic weight loss machine, and cycling is one of the best cardiovascular activities that mostly targets your legs. 

If you have all three, you can use your HOLOFIT on all of them. Even if you have only one, you can combine it with the Freestyle workouts off the machine, and that is precisely the value of HOLOFIT. 

5. HIIT VR workout 

One of the most frequently used excuses when it comes to fitness is “having no time”.  That’s why as one of our guided cardio training programs, we’ve developed the 15-Min HIIT training. 

You get to choose the level of difficulty, and then do 15-minutes of this shredding workout. You can lose up to 400 calories in one workout, depending on the machine you use. 

High-intensity interval training which is what HIIT stands for is one of the most famous fitness programmings nowadays and with good reason – it works by alternating shorter periods of high intensity with periods of rest resulting in the release of human growth hormone. 

Thanks to this hormone which regulates your body composition, muscle growth, and metabolism, you’ll be dropping weight a lot faster than before. 

Which one do you think will be your favorite workout on HOLOFIT? 

And don’t forget that we offer a 7-day free trial. Claim yours today!