Pack your virtual bags and prepare for the ultimate fitness adventure –

HOLOFIT is taking you on a trip to the enchanting city of Venice!

Visit all the top sightseeing attractions, and uncover the city’s hidden gems. It’s easy to get lost in the maze of Venetian canals, especially when they are full of delightful surprises…

Plan your trip

Fasten your headset and have fun exploring! To help your trip run as smoothly as possible, here’s our essential travel guide.

What should I pack?

Only the essentials:

  • Headset
  • Unbridled enthusiasm

How will I get around in Venice?

You might be wondering about transportation. 

Fear not, as the Venice HOLOworld is accessible on all fitness machines (rowers, bikes, ellipticals), as well as in Freestyle mode with your controllers. 

Whether you are rowing or Freestyle skiing through the environment, enjoyment is guaranteed!

Where should I venture?

We didn’t want you to miss out on any of the good areas for visiting, so you can choose between four points of entry: The City Entrance, Rialto Bridge, Santa Maria della Salute, and Piazza San Marco! If it’s your first time exploring, we recommend starting at the Rialto Bridge.

Heads up: To evade large crowds, we recommend planning your visit to Piazza San Marco during earlier hours.



Where do we even begin?!

From the iconic Rialto Bridge, through the winding Grand Canal, and to the carnival by the docks – immerse yourself in unique Venetian experiences. 

In addition to the well-known landmarks, such as the Santa Maria della Salute and Doge’s Palace, come and witness historic spectacles like the graduation taking place on Rialto Bridge. 

What makes this graduation so remarkable? None other than Elena Lucrezia Corner Piscopia, the world’s first female graduate, joyfully tossing her laurel wreath into the air!!

Don’t miss:

  • Seeing a Renaissance invention come to life. We managed to successfully test out one of Da Vinci’s flying machines!
  • Uh-oh, who is that dashing figure evading the wrath of an angry nonna armed with a rolling pin? None other than the infamously charismatic Venetian, Giacomo Casanova.
  • Attenzione borseggiatrici‎! There’s a crafty pickpocket running around Venice. Keep an eye on your belongings. 
  • Witness the whimsical invasion of Venice by a flock of flamboyant flamingos, donning amusing little headwear.
  • Friendly ghosts of Venice past enjoying the festivities.
  • Experience the captivating phenomenon of acqua alta, where certain sections of Venice become submerged in water. Better grab the Rain Boots trophy!
  • Passing underneath the historic Bridge of Sighs.
  • The great escape abetted by our very own trusty companion, Donkey.

Must do:

  • Learn Italian from the skilled gondoliers.
  • Have a Bellini, the cocktail equally beloved by both Venetians and art history students.
  • Find the closely guarded recipe for authentic tiramisu.
  • Enjoy the fireworks!


No voyage, regardless of its nature, is truly complete without indulging in some earnest souvenir hunting.

Whether you lean towards traditional favorites like magnets or prefer to bestow a personal touch upon your gifts, Venice is sure to cater to your desires.

Here are our curated suggestions:

  • A good-old I-Heart-Venice T-Shirt! This timeless garment will find its place in your heart, whether as a cleaning rag or a comfortable sleepwear option.
  • A postcard is a must! Remember to entertain your grandma with tales of Venice’s beauty.
  • Carnival masks are now fun souvenirs, but did you know they were used back in the day as a precaution in daring endeavors? 
  • A replica of the magnificent La Tempesta painting. A renaissance masterpiece beloved by many, including Neil Gaiman.
  • Anything adorned with a golden lion.
  • Adorable Murano glass animals. We’ve got a cute little penguin serenading us with a violin for the office.

What are you still doing here?

Vieni e goditi l’avventura! (Come and enjoy the adventure!)


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