Uh-oh, here we go again… 🎃

Judging by all the unusual characters and decorations, the HOLOworlds have again fallen under a mysterious spell. But who could have pawssibly dared cast it?

Spotted: Clusters of familiar feline friends have been seen lurking around, gathering in strange circles, and engaging in what appears to be some sort of spellcasting ritual.

It seems that these mischievous cats have taken it upon themselves to conjure up the Halloween fun in the HOLOworlds!In the spirit of the season, we’re calling on you, our fearless HOLOFIT adventurers, to help us reunite these magic meowsters with their witches! Our wicked witches have been spotted flying around the HOLoworlds, searching for their feline companions. However, they don’t seem too talkative, so it would be better to leave them alone.

Your HalloFIT mission

We beseech you, to carve out some time for a spooktacular Journey workout and explore your favorite HOLOworlds over the next three weeks. Track down and catch all 16 of these tricky cats before they get any mischievous ideas, like casting a wicked sleeping curse.

The bravest among you who collect all 16 trophies will unlock a special HalloFIT vehicle!

The special HalloFIT event is live until November 9th.

Trophy collection

We understand that keeping tabs on your growing collection of special cat trophies can be quite the challenge. But fret not!

To easily track down the cat trophies you’re missing and discover their hiding spots, simply make your way to the HOLOdeck. There, you’ll find the shop, your go-to hub for trophy management, and a place to deck out your HOLOships with new skins!

Get in the spooky mood

This year, we prepared not one, but two Hallowen-inspired playlists!

Spice up your workouts with our Halloween playlist, located on the left side of the HUD. Start your workout and take your pick from our six dynamic playlists: Halloween, Upbeat, Hip Hop, Fast & Furious, Relaxing, and Easygoing.

Want to become one with the season, and listen to notoriously good Halloween tunes on the go? Be sure to explore our curated Spotify playlist!

Best of luck on your HalloFIT adventures, and may your workouts be filled with spooktacular fun!