Surprise! A new update is ready. Here’s what’s new: 

Special trophies now have a rarity level: Special, Epic and Legendary 

To spice things up, we’ve made three categories of special trophies: Special, Epic, and Legendary, with their rarity increasing in the same order.

For each Journey workout, you’ll still get three special trophies, but Epic and Legendary ones will only appear every so often.

Epic and Legendary trophies also get increasingly tougher to catch than Special trophies – and you won’t know the rarity of the trophy until you encounter it! Fun, right?!

This will make you push harder and get faster, and will help improve your overall fitness.

HOLOFIT Rarity System

Environment maps & Point of Entry names 

When choosing a HOLOWORLD, you’ll now see a map where all the standard points of entry have been illustrated, and each point of entry is properly named.

Also, each map will have an indication of the total length of the map. This will help you easily plan your workout and select the appropriate map.


Cardiogoals & Combo Gameplay Pause 

After some deliberation, we’ve decided to introduce pauses in the Cardiogoals or Combo gameplay where the gameplay isn’t possible, eg. in the Cyberpunk accelerator. Thank you for submitting this feedback to us!

Smaller UI refinement & visual trophy indicator 

We’ve made a series of UI refinements, including a visual trophy indicator on your dashboard that activates whenever you’re near a trophy, so you would know the trophy is near even though you can’t hear it!

In addition, upon hearing the feedback from you all, we’ve made the motivational messages in Cardiogoals smaller, edited some, and added messages when using music controls. Let us know what you think!

Cyberpunk spin bike avatar is here

We’ve added a spin bike avatar to Cyberpunk. Enjoy! 

“Forgot password” now in HOLOFIT 

On the login screen, you’ll now see a “forgot password” button that lets you reset your password in HOLOFIT without having to go to our website or the companion app. 

Bugs & fixes

As usual, this release brings a number of fixes and performance improvements. 

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If you happen to have any questions, want to submit any feedback, or need any technical support, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Thank you for being an integral part of our community! Something really special coming in the next release ?