An update is on its way. Here’s what’s new: 

The “Surprise me” button

The “surprise me” button is live! 

Not sure which world to head into for today’s workout? Simply hit the “surprise me” button and HOLOFIT will randomly choose one of our worlds. 

You can find the “surprise me” button at the top left corner of the environment selection screen. 

Added Grid Floor in Cyberpunk for Running Avatar

Runners in Cyberpunk will now be running on a virtual grid path to make for a more pleasant experience. 

Trophy fixes 

Our new in-game UI has brought on issues with some of our trophies. Those have now been fixed, and I’d love to thank all of you for reporting any issues you’ve run into. You’ve been of great help. 

In the new version of HOLOFIT, you’ll see the following fixes: 

  • If very close to each other, two special trophies will now queue one after the other. 
  • Trophies in Tropical are now fixed. 
  • Trophies in Snowy Mountains are now fixed. 
  • Trophies in Cambridge are now fixed. 
  • Trophies in Underwater are now fixed. 
  • Fine-tuning of Troglodyte trophies. 
  • Fine-tuning of the trophy-catching system. 

Other stability and bug fixes 

This HOLOFIT update brings a number of stability improvements and bug fixes. 

Be sure to let us know what you think! And of course, if you have any questions, feel free to let us know!