We hope your summer has started off splendidly – and it’s about to get even better with the new HOLOFIT update! Now (unless you’re on vacation), it’s time to start your workout!

HOLOship 2.0 

Having seen how much our machine users have enjoyed HOLOships, we’re bringing them to our non-Bluetooth rowing and Freestyle users, as well as most of the gameplays. 

Freestyle and non-Bluetooth rowing: HOLOships will be available for all Freestyle users and non-Bluetooth rowers.

Explore: HOLOships are available in both Zen and Journey. However, we’ll make an exception in Cambridge and Aiguelette rowing, so rowers can still row backward 😉

Train: HOLOships are available in Cardiogoals, Performance & Combo. 

Performance mode: If competing against yourself, you should see your HOLOship. If you’re competing against the community, the ghost should be in that user’s HOLOship. 

Compete: HOLOships are available in Multiplayer, but not yet in the AI race mode. 

Which custom HOLOship will you choose?

CardioGoals Arches Now Smaller 

Current CardioGoals arches were colliding with environments at many points so we had to reduce them. 

These changes should ensure a much more immersive experience and better workouts!

Multiplayer Antarctica Revamp

The Multiplayer Antarctica now has a fresh look, to match our latest remaster! Soak in the improved graphics while you work your muscles and try to win the race.

Bug fixes 

As usual, we have addressed numerous bugs in this version, many of which you have reported yourself – including the latest Bluetooth bug, brought on by the Meta system update. Thank you for helping make HOLOFIT great!

We’re currently working to fix the latest Bluetooth bug brought on by the Meta system update. If you run into any issues with it, we recommend switching to the Legacy driver. You can do this by navigating to the General HOLOFIT settings.

Did you leave a review? 

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Thank you so much!