Welcome to NYC, where normal is just a bridge away from alien invasion!

The fate of our newest HOLOworld hangs in the balance, and it is up to YOU to step into the shoes of a superhero and help protect the metropolis.

Sightseeing interrupted

You just arrived in NYC, the concrete jungle of a metropolis, where dreams come true. As you stroll through Battery Park and make your way towards the famous Times Square, you witness a peculiar scene –

The Statue of Liberty is stepping down from her pedestal on Ellis Island, crossing the river, and heading for the heart of the city. 

Either you are severely jetlagged, or something strange is about to happen.

Holofitters, Assemble!

Portals begin to tear through the fabric of reality, revealing ominous alien ships hovering above the skyline. Panic spreads like wildfire, and the once-thriving cityscape transforms into a battleground.

Amidst the chaos, two figures, the city’s renowned superheroes Sylvain and Geraldine, step up to confront the source of the disturbance – the Evil Wizard Donkey. His sinister plan is to unleash a horde of relentless elemental donkeys, transforming the vibrant metropolis into a donkifying mess.

Sylvain and Geraldine are doing their best to beat the Wizard Donkey, as Lady Liberty clears the path towards the epicenter of Donkey`s power – the modified Tesla coil located in the now-wrecked NYC Public Library. 

Can you help our heroes? Join forces with brave New Yorkers and fellow Holofitters, as you take care of the elemental donkeys on the ground!


Unique Gameplay

Wielding his donkifying powers, the Wizard Donkey has managed to modify the Tesla Coil and is summoning forth his army of elemental donkeys. 

To defeat him, Sylvain and Geraldine need your help – use the environment to your advantage to find ways to counter the might of the Wizard.

Fight zones

NYC Invasion is a unique, cinematic environment featuring fight zones. As you step into these fight zones, be prepared to confront elemental minions – Fire, Water, and Electric donkeys. Tailor your approach based on your surroundings, utilizing elements like fire hydrants, vehicles, and electric objects such as street lamps to counter their powers effectively. 


Think defeating the devious enemy is a straightforward task? The Wizard has another trick up his sleeve – loops! Prepare for a case of déjà vu. Luckily, the Donkey can only send you back once per a fight zone.


Donkey is making a run for it! Pursue him through the portal, transporting you to a different section of the city. It’s a thrilling alternative to the mundane subway commute!

Tesla coil

At the heart of the chaos, your ultimate challenge awaits – disabling the Tesla Coil. Charge the smaller coils to overload the central one, thus rendering the Wizard powerless. 

Heroes VS Villains

It is time to meet the colorful cast of the NYC Invasion HOLOworld:

Geraldine and Sylvain

Our brave duo, Geraldine and Sylvain, are not just virtual fitness heroes; chances are you’ve already come across Sylvain’s motorcycle in the Paris HOLOworld or engaged in a conversation with both in our online community!

Super Sylvain’s alter ego is none other than Sylvain Davril, one of the first HOLOFIT members and a dedicated rower. On the other side of the superhero spectrum is Super Geraldine, alias Geraldine Davril, Sylvain’s equally heroic wife and supportive of HOLOFIT.

The idea for this fantastic HOLOworld came straight from Sylvain’s creative mind. Taking advantage of a crowdfunding opportunity, he invested enough to reach a special tier that allowed him to bring his virtual universe to life. 

“Just wanted to say thank you for New York! As I was given the right to influence one world after the fundraising, I envisioned a “Superhero” world, in an American city, that would have the user dive into a more interactive journey. The user had to help save the city with other superheroes.

We had several discussions with the creative team, going back and forth between the ideal vision and what is possible given the current constraints of current headsets. And I am pretty satisfied with the result 😉I must say the contract is fulfilled, THANK YOU,” said Sylvain. 

Lady Liberty

Far from just a stoic statue, Lady Liberty proves she’s not afraid to get her boots dirty when the city needs a helping hand. A symbol of freedom and resilience, she steps down from her pedestal on Ellis Island, ready to kick some giant donkey ass and liberate the metropolis.

Wizard Donkey

Did someone say mayhem?

Our troublemaker is armed and ready to donkify everything in his path, starting with the Big Apple. 

He’s an alien; he’s a donkey alien; he’s the menace in New York.

P.S. The NYC Invasion story has just started! The adventure continues in Chapter 2, featuring Wall Street. 

Coming sooner than Jordan Belfort can find a loophole in the financial system!