Welcome to the enchanting Venice HOLOworld, where the gondolas glide, flamingos row and intriguing personalities come to life.

We introduce you to a delightful cast of Venetians who each have their own stories to share. From a mischievous pastry shop owner to a passionate birdwatcher and an aspiring criminal mastermind, Venice is teeming with vibrant characters that will captivate your imagination.

Let’s meet them!

Nonna Carmen 

Say ciao to Nonna Carmen, a vivacious Venetian with a twin sister in Paris named Josephine. 

These mischievous twins share a love for dressing alike and pulling playful pranks. Nonna Carmen owns a pasticceria in Venice, renowned for its mouthwatering Italian pastry delights. 

However, her pastry world is turned upside down when some of her delicacies mysteriously vanish. Determined to solve the mystery, Nonna Carmen uncovers the unexpected truth: her neighbor is a notorious Giacomo Casanova impersonator who frequently loses his keys and seeks refuge on her balcony. 

One day, in a comical turn of events, he dashes into her apartment, scantily clad in his underwear, pursued by an angry ex-lover. Armed with her trusty rolling pin, Nonna Carmen embarks on a hilarious chase throughout the neighborhood.

That should put an end to his shenanigans once and for all!


Enter Fabio, a gondolier from a long line of prestigious gondoliers. 

Venice’s gondola license is no easy feat to obtain. Even after hundreds of training hours, only a handful of licenses are issued each year. But Fabio perseveres through rigorous training (and perhaps his legacy status had something to do with the success).

As he glides through the picturesque canals of Venice, Fabio not only showcases hidden beauties to awe-struck tourists but also shares his passion for singing. On a fortunate day, you might be treated to enchanting snippets from Venetian operas. Fabio’s melodious voice transports passengers back to the extravagant era of Venetian opera.

And did we mention how good of a teacher he is? Fabio will happily teach you the basics of the Italian language, starting with Buongiorno!


Chiara is an enigmatic figure, always on the go, engaging in captivating pursuits. One moment, she is meticulously crafting a laurel wreath for her friend Elena’s graduation, and the next, she is dressed to impress in a carnival costume, frantically searching for a giant cat! 

Rumors have circulated about this elusive creature roaming the famous cat canals of Venice, sparking a thrilling treasure hunt. We hope to catch up with Chiara soon to unravel the mysteries surrounding this colossal feline and her involvement in the search.

If you want to locate the cats, we suggest bringing a bit of fish, or even catnip. Apparently, cats also like olives. Let us know if it works out for you!


Meet Gianni, an amateur birdwatcher who stumbled upon the majestic Flamingo and became captivated by its flamboyant presence. 

Gianni’s fascination turned into a full-blown obsession, prompting him to establish a sanctuary for these magnificent creatures within Venice. During late winter and early spring, flocks of flamingos grace the Venice lagoon, and some choose to make it their permanent home.

 Gianni’s role is crucial as he assists his vibrant friends in finding food, shelter, and, being a fashion enthusiast himself, the trendiest accessories to enhance their fabulous appearances.

Not only are the Venetian flamingos trendsetters, but also avid rowers. During the acqua alta, they enjoy taking up oars and gliding through the flooded streets as if they were canals.

If you ask them nicely they might even take you to your destination.

Vincenzo Peruggia

Vincenzo Peruggia, a former art student, has a notorious namesake associated with stealing the Mona Lisa. Eager to live up to his namesake’s legacy, Vincenzo embarks on a life of crime in Venice. 

However, his misdeeds, currently limited to pickpocketing, cause a constant headache for the Venetian police. Despite his ambition, Vincenzo’s crimes may be small-scale, but his nimble feet and cunning wit keep the authorities on their toes.

And to everyone’s surprise, Vincenzo has found an unlikely sidekick, Donkey! 

The locals have dubbed them the “Dynamic Duo of Venice,” and their exploits have become the talk of the town.

But why is the Donkey helping Vincenzo? That remains a mystery. Some say the Donkey is a magical creature that has chosen Vincenzo as its partner in mischief, while others believe it’s merely a case of serendipity.

Are you ready to explore the ultimate fitness destination, the enchanting city of Venice? 

Join Nonna Carmen in her pasticceria, indulge in Fabio’s gondola serenades, marvel at Gianni’s flamboyant flamingos, uncover the mysteries with Chiara, witness Vincenzo’s cunning escapades, and discover the unlikely partnership of Vincenzo and the Donkey. One city, numerous adventures!

Step into Venice and let their captivating stories unfold before your eyes.

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