Let’s address this right away – VR Fitness is not that expensive. 

It is actually cheaper than some other popular fitness options out there. 

Gone are the days of when VR was extremely new and expensive. The prices are going down, the technology only getting better and you’ll start seeing more and more of people around you getting their own VR headsets. 

To combat this myth, we’ll be comparing the HOLOFIT VR Fitness platform to some other popular fitness options out there – namely group classes, other connected fitness platforms, and gym memberships. Shall we? 

How expensive is VR Fitness?

How much would HOLOFIT VR Fitness cost me? 

To best compare the prices between these products, we’ll be looking at their costs 1) at start, 2) in 6 months, and 3) in 1 year. 

Now, it’s important to note that all of these products come in different variants, depending on what you already have and what your wishes are – but we’ll be calculating only the basic ones here. 

HOLOFIT software

The HOLOFIT software platform comes with two options – monthly or yearly subscription. To subscribe to HOLOFIT, you’ll have to pay $11.99 per month or $83.99 for 1 year (40% off). 

As far as the content included, either way you’ll be getting all our HOLOWORLDS, workout modes, as well as all future content updates, upgrades, and support. 

HOLOFIT VR Fitness vs Boutique Fitness Group Classes

Boutique fitness classes have definitely been of the most popular fitness trends of the last decade. In fact, these group classes far outsold the traditional gym memberships – an increase of 74% between 2012 and 2015, compared to 5%. 

But how do boutique fitness classes compare to HOLOFIT VR Fitness?

Most boutique fitness classes are $30 – 36 per class. Depending on your location, these prices will be a little bit higher or a bit lower, but that is the general vicinity of the price. 

How often do you take these classes? For the purpose of this analysis, let’s say you take them twice per week. That’s about eight times per month resulting in $264 per month or $3168 per year. 

However, if you opt for the staple classes in big cities, such as Soul Cycle, for example, you’ll be paying around $5460 per year. 

While we love these classes ourselves too, that’s a lot – and these calculations are without including the transportation and other various everyday costs.

HOLOFIT VR Fitness Subscription vs Other connected fitness subscriptions

The connected fitness platform market is blooming right now with several options available as far as indoor cycling is concerned. However, these platforms are in no way cheap. 

Both Peloton & Flywheel have startup costs of about $2000 (should you opt to get the hardware as well) with $39 monthly subscriptions

However, for the sake of true comparison, let’s assume you already own your fitness machine and the tablet and only compare the subscription costs. 

These monthly subscriptions will set you back $468 for the first year with 1 additional month for free if you pay upfront. That’s almost 4 years of HOLOFIT subscription. 

HOLOFIT VR Fitness vs Gym Memberships

As far as traditional gym memberships cost, you’ll know that the prices greatly vary – from around $164 per year to incredible amounts at more high-end fitness centers. 

Now, while this might work for some people, some things to consider are 1) if you will actually be going to the gym you’re paying or give up after a month, 2) the transportation costs to the gym and 3) the time it takes to get there, do your workouts and get back to your everyday obligations. 


Having all that in mind, it’s important to note that what works for you might not work for someone else. Take all these options, weigh them against each other, and then evaluate what’s the right choice for you – it’s all well as long as you’re getting healthy. 

If you’re ready to get HOLOFIT, head HERE.