We’ve started spring cleaning so we have a quick HOLOFIT update designed to make your fitness experience even better! 

HOLOFIT Freestyle Tutorial Available in Settings 

We’ve created the HOLOFIT Freestyle tutorial which you can now access in Settings. 

Updated with the latest Sass software, Robot Holly will be your guide. She’ll take you through a few HOLOworlds and teach you all you need to know about Freestyle exercises and HOLOFIT’s workout modes.  

Caution: She comes armed with puns…

Special Eggvent Returns on March 14 

Starting on March 14, you’ll find our golden egg trophies scattered across the HOLOworlds, waiting for you to discover them. 

Head to the Journey mode and embark on an eggciting adventure to collect all 17!

This year we’ve decided to shake things up and take off the pressure of collecting all trophies to unlock the new HOLOship.

Instead, we’re introducing a brand new skin for your Spring HOLOship, available to everyone on the HOLOdeck!

You get a new vehicle, you get a new vehicle….everybody gets a new vehicle!

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements 

Our developers have been hard at work fixing bugs and adding some tweaks to the HOLOuniverse. 

You have reported many of these bugs yourselves – and we’d love to thank you for helping make HOLOFIT great.

Additionally, these tweaks should result in overall performance improvements which we’re super excited about.

Did You Leave a Review? 

Sharing feedback with the wider Meta community is of great help to us: if you can take two minutes to leave a review, you would make us very happy and help spread the word. 

Thank you so much!