we’ve been cooking up an amazing HOLOFIT update – 

? Welcome, brand new HOLOworld – Nihon 

Visit a Far East land and discover ancient rune stones that tell a story of an old magic that humans need so desperately today. 

Nihon’s legend says that whoever can collect the rune stones can open the hidden sanctuary of an Ancestor Spirit, and in doing so, bring peace to the world. If you push yourself far enough you’ll find the stone symbols and complete the mission.

Do you have what it takes?

? Improved calorie burn calculation 

Because so many different fitness machines work with HOLOFIT (+ HOLOFIT Freestyle), getting accurate estimates of calorie burn is very difficult. However, we’ve done our best to improve it by analyzing hundreds of machines and finding new calorie averages for workouts on specific fitness machines. 

The calorie burn estimate should now be much closer to what your fitness machine or health tracker is showing. 

? Various bug fixes

As usual, this update includes various bug fixes including Combo, CardioGoals, AI Race, and User Interface improvements. 

? What’s coming next 

We’ll integrate heart monitors fully, introduce Holodeck and bring the holidays to all HOLOworlds.

If you have any questions or want to send us your feedback please email us!