Let’s be honest.


A lot of people are still not getting into VR Fitness because of its upfront costs.


Sure, once you have all the gear, it costs you way less than paying for your gym membership…


But, those upfront costs are still there, and are usually the biggest obstacle for you on the way to staying fit while actually having fun.

Well, that ends today!

We at HOLOFIT were quite aware of this, so we’ve worked hard on finding a solution.

That is why, starting today…


HOLOFIT is available with Samsung Gear VR!


And you know what that means?


That means that now you’ll be saving up to 6X more money on the VR Headset.

That means that you can get this VR Headset for under $100 (depending on the retailer, available promotions, etc).

That means that there should be no more reasons for you not to enter this amazing world!


Basically, HOLOFIT now works on Gear VR with Samsung Galaxy 8 or newer phones (you can check the full list here).


Now, if there still are some reasons left, we’re always there to talk with you and find a way to help. Send us a message at sales@holodia.com and let’s find a solution for you!


We’ve also kept the free trial going for you, so you can finally begin your HOLOFIT journey!