March 12, Zurich, Switzerland – The most advanced VR Fitness Platform, HOLOFIT by Holodia is announcing the release of its new virtual reality workout environment called Cyberpunk.

The Cyberpunk environment features four regions of the near future utopia and challenges the users to reach the top level in this high-tech world.

Holodia wants users to be able to relive the excitement of Blade Runner and get to experience what our world could look like. All while getting fit.

Developed to make VR fitness fun, addictive and motivating, HOLOFIT now offers nine different virtual reality environments with 36 workout tracks that include Antarctica, Snowy Mountains, Babylon, Tropical, Underwater, Canyon, Saturn Rings, Sky, and the new Cyberpunk.

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About Holodia:

Holodia is a Swiss company that creates a lifelike experience in an immersive, highly visual, non intrusive 3D environment. Holodia’s product HOLOFIT is unique software as a service that enables a fully immersive VR environment, and can be used on all major cardio fitness equipment brands.

Having the end user in mind, Holodia designed and created HOLOFIT for to make fitness fun. Today, 70% of all HOLOFIT users become and stay regulars after the initial 6 months period.  HOLOFIT makes cardio fitness workouts exciting, competitive, and social, and helps end users maintain their fitness goals.