Welcome to the enchanting world of HOLOFIT, where dreams are transformed into reality, and your fitness journey takes on a remarkable twist. 

Our HOLOFIT VR fitness app is on a mission to revolutionize the way you exercise, making it a thrilling and engaging experience that’s anything but mundane.

Here’s your chance to get better acquainted with some of the fascinating creatures that call HOLOFIT home.

Angry or just hangry?


Collect the elusive golden artifact just before the San Francisco Bridge to call forth the mighty Godzilla.

Once summoned, Godzilla emerges with a thunderous roar that shakes the very ground you stand on. And here’s a fun fact: despite its intimidating presence and close proximity, you’ll be relieved to know that Godzilla’s breath is surprisingly fresh.


Within Aurvangar lies a fire-breathing treasure-hoarding dragon. This majestic creature inhabits the once-glorious halls of a dwarf kingdom, jealously guarding its vast piles of gold and treasures.

If you dare to approach the dragon’s treasure trove, be prepared for a heart-pounding chase, testing your speed and wits. The question is, can you outpace this formidable dragon and escape with your life?

HOLOFIT Creatures


The enigmatic Kraken, a legendary denizen of the depths, remains one of HOLOFIT’s most elusive creatures. 

Though seldom seen in its entirety, its infamous tentacles have been the subject of many tales and sightings. The Kraken enjoys pulling unsuspecting ships from the frigid waters of Antarctica to its hidden den in the Underwater HOLOworld beneath the waves.


Another creature from the depths of Underwater, the Anglerfish may appear intimidating at first glance with its fearsome appearance and the luminous bait-like lure that dangles from its forehead.

However, beneath its intimidating exterior lies a heart that yearns for companionship. Despite its lack of social tact, it’s often quite lonely. When an opportunity arises, it eagerly approaches anyone who passes by, ready to say hello and perhaps make a new friend.

Morally gray characters


The enigmatic Donkey appeared seemingly out of nowhere and decided to stay. 

It might be a creature of few words, but its actions are nothing short of intriguing, and unpredictable escapades have taken it to far-flung corners of HOLOFIT.

The question on everyone’s mind is, what can we expect from Donkey next? Is it a hero, a vigilante, a mischievous nuisance, or perhaps the unofficial spirit animal of HOLOFIT itself? 

Keep your virtual eyes peeled for the next chapter in the mysterious and exciting journey of this enigmatic character.

P.S. Something donkifying coming soon!



Dive deep into the Coral Cave in Tropical, a place shrouded in mystery and guarded by the long-lost Aztec god of fire and lightning, Xolotl. This deity has a penchant for disguising himself as a salamander to roam unnoticed.

While exploring, you may come across a suspiciously large Axolotl. Could Xolotl himself have taken the form of this unassuming creature?

The Fellowship of Guardians

Ancestor Spirit

In the once-magical realm of Nihon, where the remnants of a time when magic and humanity coexisted still linger, a legend endures. It speaks of an extraordinary encounter with the wise and ancient Ancestor Spirit, an entity of profound knowledge and wisdom.

It is said that whoever manages to collect the sacred rune stones and unlock the hidden sanctuary will come face-to-face with the Ancestor Spirit. A rare and fortunate individual will then be presented with a challenge reminiscent of Aesop’s fables, an opportunity to test their wisdom and heroism.

HOLOFIT Creatures

Crystalback Giant Turtle

In the depths of Troglodyte, where dwarves found refuge after leaving Aurvangard, resides the Crystalback Giant Turtle. This colossal creature is a sight to behold, as it grows stunning crystals right on its massive back.

It takes on the role of protector within this magical underground realm. Its short-tempered companions, the Exploding Turtles, rely on this gentle giant for their safety.

Spore Guardian

Within the magical realm of Troglodyte, where the underground environment teems with fungi, crystal caves, and wondrous creatures, resides the enigmatic Spore Guardian. This entity, with the power to transport to far-off places, is shrouded in a puff of pink and purple cloud each time it vanishes.

It is not only a guardian of the natural world but, alongside the Crystalback Giant Turtle, a protector of magical creatures that call Troglodyte home. These include tiny and friendly mushroom folk, the glorious cave gliders, and the unpredictable but endearing exploding turtles.

HOLOFIT Creatures

Cave glider

In the depths of Troglodyte, a remarkable creature known as the Cave Glider takes flight. These ancient beings have long been guides for travelers venturing into the deepest, most concealed parts of caves.

They seem to materialize from the very heart of the caves, gathering in flocks that navigate the hidden recesses of this underground realm.

Immersive mission

HOLOFIT’s mission is to redefine fitness, transforming it into a captivating and enjoyable experience that exceeds your wildest dreams. 

Our unique worlds and the fascinating creatures that inhabit them ensure that your workout is never dull. 

Join us in the immersive realms of HOLOFIT and let your fitness journey become an adventure like no other. 

Say goodbye to boring workouts and welcome the magic of HOLOFIT into your life, now with a 7-day free trial!