Elliptical machines are one of the best fitness machines that you can use for weight loss, plain and simple. However, to be effective, it’s important that you apply proper workout programming, as well as an accompanying meal plan. 

You could work out on the elliptical for 2 hours every day, but if your diet consists only of burgers, fries and chicken nuggets, chances are you won’t be seeing any real progress. 

On the same note, if you’re not working your elliptical properly, if your workout routine isn’t challenging enough or if you’re positioning yourself wrong, you’ll have to wait longer to see the results, or even worse, you could risk getting injured. 

Be that as it may, it’s fairly difficult to find the right, and effective workout programs for yourself. It’s precisely why we’ve felt the need to create a community around HOLOFIT where we offer various workout ideas, as well as include guided training programs into HOLOFIT itself. 

Let me take you through 5 of the best fat burn workout plans that you could use for your routine on HOLOFIT. 

1) Exploring the city of Paris 

Explore is one of the workout modes on HOLOFIT where you’re free to set your own pace while exploring all the peculiarities of our magical environments, one of which is Paris. 

It’s perfect for your first week or two, when you’re just starting out as it will not push you to go too hard. However, it is sure to make you want to run for as long as possible, just to see what is hiding behind the next corner of Paris. Just make sure to listen to your body so as not to risk any injuries. 

Try to collect as many hidden trophies as possible and when you collect them all, you can always switch to another HOLOWORLD. 

2) Racing the ghost of your past performances in Snowy Mountains

In Time Attack, you will choose a certain time and try to run as far as possible in the given time frame. Once you set your record, you’ll be able to go in and race the ghost of your past performances to assess how much better you’re getting. 

This is something we recommend you do once every two weeks, or once every week. Think of Time Attack as a kind of a “control group” workout. 

As you lose weight, you’ll get fast and your fitness will improve. If you still can’t see the results of your workouts physically, when you beat your past performance you’ll know that you have advanced, and that’s a great feeling.  It can do wonders for your motivation!

We recommend that you start with Snowy Mountains, but feel free to choose your own preferred HOLOWORLD, or just switch it up every time. 

Race a ghost of your past performance in Snowy Mountains

3) Racing AI competitors in San Francisco

Race Mode is another great motivator that you can use in your routine. 

In contrast to Time Attack, here you’ll be racing AI competitors who are designed to match your level just enough to present an actual challenge. 

An important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t shoot for the first place right away. Depending on your level of fitness, it could be pushing you too hard. 

Let us suggest this. In the first week, aim to be in the first seven. The week after that, the first six, etc. As you feel your body getting ready, go ahead and win that first place! 

For Race mode, our recommendation is San Francisco. It was based on the actual marathon location, and there’s just something very cool about running along the Golden Gate bridge.

4) Fat Burn in Cardio Goals guided training game mode

If you’re looking for a structured workout, our Cardio Goals game mode will be your go-to. Here, we’ve incorporated four different guided training plans, cardio, interval, HIIT and fat burn. 

As you go into Cardio Goals, you’ll choose your level of difficulty, the environment and you’ll be good to go. Based on the training plan that you have selected, the virtual coach will guide you to either go faster, go slower or keep your current pace. The more precise you are in following the effort curve of the training plan, the more points you will get. 

The fat burn workout is based on intense, calorie-burning interval training that will work up your muscles and increase your heart rate for shorter periods, combining it with (still intense) less intense periods. Fat Burn mode should be done for a minimum of 30 minutes, and adjusted to your fitness level: HOLOFIT offers 6 difficulty levels, from Very Easy to Very Hard.

5) The Notorious HIIT in Cardo Goals game mode

A lot of people today say they simply have no time to workout – and that’s precisely where having an elliptical and HOLOFIT at home comes handy. We’ve created the perfect solution. 

Enter HIIT, our 15-minute killer high intensity interval training plan. 

If you’ve researched workout plans recently, you will have definitely read about HIIT. And no wonder, it’s being talked about so much because it works great. 

HIIT stimulates the release of the human growth hormone in your body. Thanks to this hormone which regulates your body composition, muscle growth, and metabolism, you’ll be dropping weight a lot faster than before. 

What makes our HIIT special is that it always lasts 15 minutes with the ability to choose your level of difficulty. You’ll face alternate periods of intense sprints and resting pace, and just how intense the hard ones are will depend on the chosen level of difficulty. 

It might sound like a short workout, but trust me, it’s a killer! 

Woah, I can tell you that it was hard selecting the 5 best workout options, but these were my personal favorites and some workouts I always go back to on HOLOFIT. 

Maybe you end up preferring other ones, do let me know! 

If you’re ready to try HOLOFIT, don’t forget to claim your 7-day free trial