An indoor rowing machine is one of the best, if not the best cardio fitness machine that you could use. It activates more muscles than any other fitness machine, yet is very low impact on your joints at the same time. 

However, many will tell you that it’s just plain boring. 

You’re basically just staring at the wall or even worse, at the clock, just wishing your workout would already finish – and that’s if you get that far. Many people just give up and instead leave their rowing machines to collect dust, feeling like they wasted their money. 

But, a rowing machine is a fantastic investment. With HOLOFIT, we wanted to completely change the way you think about indoor rowing by transforming it into the highlight of the day. 

That’s why HOLOFIT VR rowing today offers a variety of content meant to stimulate and challenge you while making your rowing workout a fun experience. 


We’ll give you ideas for five fun rowing workouts that you can plan into your routine on HOLOFIT. 

1. Explore Paris and try to find all Easter eggs

If you happen to like European architecture, this environment perfectly captures the atmosphere and spirit of Paris, one of the most famous cities in the world. 

In the explore mode, you can set your own pace, and workout in Paris, see all the famous landmarks, listen to the traditional French music and try not to think too much about the delicious pastries that you’ll be seeing everywhere. 

Try to find all the hidden trophies and collect them. They may or may not include one lost alligator, and stopping a robbery of one of the most famous museums in the world. 

It’s great for endurance training or warming up/ cooling down! 

2. Use Time Attack twice a month to check your rowing progress

This is something we recommend you do once every two weeks, or once every week to monitor your rowing progress. The more you row, the more your physical endurance will increase. 

Time attack could serve as a great “Control group” workout. The first time you do it, you’ll set a certain distance record for a chosen time (You can start with 10 or 15 minutes, depending on your current fitness level). Once every two weeks, you go into time attack for the same time, and race the ghost of your past performance, trying to beat it. 

It’s one of the easiest ways to see how much you’ve improved and when you do manage to improve and beat your past record, you get a great sense of accomplishment!

Choose any VR environment that you find interesting at the time, or switch them up every time. 

3. Join HOLOFIT online rowing races or organize your own

Since we’ve introduced our online multiplayer a couple of months ago, we’ve started organizing official online competitions and they were so much fun. 

HOLOFIT members from around the world get to their fitness machines at the same time and race each other in real-time. In addition to being really fun, these competitions are also very motivating and socially-stimulating. 

Check out this video recording of one of the events that we’ve had take place – 


You can use Multiplayer whenever, participate in our events, or even organize your own by setting up a time with other members of our community. If you haven’t joined the HOLOFIT community yet, we’d like to invite you to join the HOLOFIT VR Fitness Facebook group. 

4. Rowing HIIT in Cardio Goals

One of the most frequent excuses for not working out is no time.  However, if you have your rowing machine at home and if you have HOLOFIT, we’ve devised a perfect solution for you.

Enter HIIT, another guided training plan in Cardio Goals. 

By now you must have heard about it and no wonder. HIIT stimulates the release of the human growth hormone in your body. Thanks to this hormone which regulates your body composition, muscle growth, and metabolism, you’ll be dropping weight a lot faster than before. 

What makes our HIIT program special is that it always lasts 15 minutes, but you do get to choose your level of difficulty. You’ll face alternate periods of intense and resting pace, and just how intense the hard ones are will depend on the chosen level of difficulty. 

In HIIT, you will have to follow the effort curve as closely as possible to secure the maximum amount of points. Do you think 100% could be your score?

5. Explore in Underwater and try to find all Easter eggs

For anyone who likes intriguing mysteries, Underwater is the environment to try!

Similarly to Paris, this would be great for setting your own pace, trying to row as long as possible while trying to collect all the hidden trophies.

You’ll row in your little rowing submarine contraption, exploring the fantasy of the Underwater. You’ll run into some sea world, and you might even end up in one mysterious sunken city! What could it be? 

After that, you could visit Snowy Mountains, San Francisco or even ancient Babylon, whatever floats your boat 🙂 


It was tough to pick just five, but these would be our current favorites. Which one do you think you’ll like best?


If you’re looking to try HOLOFIT, check if your hardware is compatible in this post.