Here at Holodia, we never run short of ideas. On the contrary, we have so many ideas that we should start looking into cloning ourselves.

Hope you are as excited as we are because this is the day when we reveal the highlights of our upcoming plans!

Antarctica Remaster 

Working out in VR never looked cooler!

Our art team has been hard at work remastering this fan-favorite HOLOworld. Expect ice so cool looking that you can almost feel the cold, character makeovers, and even some intriguing mystery introduced. Maybe you’ll finally get to the bottom of what the researchers were looking for…

More info coming soon!

Brand-new HOLOworld 

We’re looking forward to publishing a new picturesque environment, featuring a unique location with winding waterways, quirky characters, and breathtaking constructions. 

Start packing your bags! Let’s just say that our goal for the new HOLoworld is to truly turn your workouts into vacation and take you on a fun HOLOtrip.


Express yourself – Your own personal Holodeck is coming to your new HOLOFIT lobby, unlocking a whole new set of customization options, as well as improvements to your HOLOFIT user experience.

First stop? Stop by the garage to create YOUR HOLOvehicle!

Multiplayer 2.0 

You’re finally getting the Multiplayer you deserve! 

Multiplayer 2.0 will let you invite people, create your own multiplayer groups and make it easier to connect with your friends.

Special Easter Hunt Event 

Events like this represent crossovers, limited-time occurrences where fun characters and objects appear throughout the HOLOworlds. Accompanied by amusing trophies, these events motivate you to explore the HOLOworlds in Journey and Zen mode and bring a breath of fresh air to our environments.

To make the Easter season more fun, and celebrate the beginning of Spring, we’ve created a special event: Easter Hunt!

Your goal is to find all Easter eggs hidden in our environments. Each Easter egg is unique and inspired by the environment. Pay extra attention to the names and descriptions, and create your own story.

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