We would like to introduce you to our most secretive branch –

The Department of HOLOfitness and Research of Motivational Activities!

Like any notable organization, HOLODIA started its own research project. And where better to look into the ultimate question of fitness, than in Antarctica’s secluded Forbidden Sector?

Our research team has suffered a few frostbites, but other than that they’ve been quite successful and inspired. Here are some of the things they’ve been able to observe thus far:

If looks could chill – stunning Antarctica

The vast Antarctica continent is home to more than a few unique phenomena:

  • Aurora Borealis 

These beautiful dancing waves are visible collisions between electrically charged particles traveling all the way from the Sun. 

Don’t forget to look up and enjoy the view! 

Disclaimer: Some gawking in awe may occur.

  • Wildlife

Antarctica’s fauna includes 2 penguin species that chose Antarctica for their true home, the emperor and Adélie, and 16 more penguin species that, alongside over 100 million birds, picked it as the perfect nesting place. 

Better keep an eye on that sandwich of yours, or the flying thieves might nick it. There’s no escaping the seagulls, as they inhabit all 7 continents!

Others include the cute, but viciously diabolical orcas, better known as the bullies of the sea. Luckily, our friendly Underwater monster has found a way to travel between HOLOworlds and is closely monitoring the orcas. You should wave, it’s friendly! 

Let’s not forget the seals! We however don’t recommend feeding them.

  • Polar bears in Antarctica

We can’t say much at the moment, but it seems one of our little experiments has created an anomaly, allowing interdimensional travel for some creatures, like polar bears.

On the bright side, they do seem to enjoy Antarctica just as much as the Arctic.

  • Icy tunnels

Woah, that’s one angry-looking fossil! We wouldn’t want to come up close and personal with this creature…

Make sure you keep your eyes wide open when exploring the icy tunnels, as our team has managed to excavate some interesting discoveries down there.

All is not frost – hidden gems

  • Mysterious shipwrecks

Ever heard of Endurance, the lost vessel of Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton? Good news! The wreck was found over a century after the shipwreck, hurray!

However, the submarine and various ships we’ve come across seem much too modern to be a part of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Our team has been working hard on cracking this mystery, but any help is more than welcome! 

  • Spirit pacer

This peculiar spirit loves blending with nature and often uses its gifts to camouflage into one of the world’s most intelligent land mammals. It is an excellent companion to all HOLOFITTERS and loves to join in on a run. Can you spot it? 

  • Easter Egg

Keep an eye out for a fun Easter egg.

Reminder: Easter eggs do not count as trophies. They are objects hidden in some of our HOLOworlds that trigger special events.

  • Save the crates

Want to help our scientists? Make sure you catch all the crate trophies falling from the sky before they disappear into icy Antarctica waters. 


HOLOFIT currently offers 16 unique HOLOworlds, so if you are looking for another adventure,  make sure you try out: 

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If you’d like to know more about the creation process behind our HOLOworlds, check out one of our previous blogs about the ancient city of Babylon.

Have fun exploring!