Here’s a fact:


Only 18% of members actually go to the gym consistently.

Want a fact scarier than that?


80% of new members quit within FIVE MONTHS.


And guess what? It gets even more terrifying…


14% of them quit in less than TWO MONTHS!


Now comes the real question – how does that affect your gym?


Well, let’s go back in time… To the beginning of January.

Meet Rachel.

After she had her share of partying and cocktails, she decided to make a change.

So… Rachel joins your gym as a part of her New Year’s resolution.


Long story short… By the end of February she’s not your member anymore.


See, there are many reasons behind this, which I’m pretty sure you’re already aware of.

But, you didn’t come here to have your day ruined!


You came here to get some insights on how you can boost your gym performance, right?  (make more money)




How Do You Get People to Join Your Gym?


How does one increase gym member retention?

How do you increase your gym revenue?

Well, many ways to achieve that.


But, as the saying goes:


 “A fox knows many things, but a hedgehog one important thing”


And we at HOLODIA are lucky to be in a position of a hedgehog here.

We were so lucky to have created a product that does all of that. OK, maybe not lucky. We recognized the issues the fitness industry faces, and found a solution in a totally different industry… Virtual reality technology.

Who would have known, right?


But now, the final outcome we’ve created looks just like… The Future.

And not just The Future.


More importantly, it is The Present. Yep, The Future is here.


So, if you want to learn more on how exactly HOLOFIT can help with your gym, you should read this article