The fitness industry worldwide has earned more than $80 billion in 2016, and revenue has only been on the increase since then. However, around 80% of people still don’t have a gym membership!

The larger portion of people choose not to exercise. The most widespread reasons are experiencing pain, lack of motivation and simple boredom.

With the fitness industry only predicted to grow, tapping into this large market segment is what fitness businesses are trying to do, and we know the way to get there. Let us take you through it. 

VR fitness is here. 

VR fitness has been proven to lessen pain 

Feeling pain during exercising is definitely one of the most prevalent reasons people refuse to do it. We don’t like doing things that hurt – plain and simple. 

So, how do we make it hurt less? The same way you help a baby get a shot – distract them. With its immersive experiences, VR fitness actually lessens the perceived pain. 

Research from University of Kent found that using VR headsets while exercising can help reduce pain. The results of the study show a definitive decrease in the perception of pain and effort when using VR technology – so much so that the reported pain intensity was 10% lower and these people ended up exercising for two minutes longer until exhaustion. 

Moreover, University of Georgia researchers have found that high-intensity cycling is less painful when combined with virtual reality. In fact, the pain is as much as 12-13% lower than normally!

People are so immersed in a whole other reality that their brain is tricked into thinking about something else and experiencing it, instead of simply focusing on the pain and wondering how many reps they still have left. 

Gamification as a motivation tool in VR fitness

Remember when you first start exercising and expect to see the results any day now, but that’s just not how it works? We’ve all been there. That’s when we need motivation. 

VR fitness can actually increase motivation for people by implementing a game-like system of completing levels or getting awards, the so-called gamification system

As humans, we all love the sense of achievement. And there’s not many things that feel as good as accomplishing your own goals or beating your own records… Apart from beating someone else’s record, that is. And if you manage to get a trophy for that – only the sky’s the limit. 

Reddit user Robert Long has found VR fitness a great method of exercising and has lost 138 pounds with the help of VR technology. And he still hasn’t stopped. 

Still, it’s not only beginners or people who don’t exercise that have their motivation increased. Professional athletes have reported increased motivation as well.  On Holofit, our VR fitness solution, Olympic medalist Bertrand Vectand said that it was an “absolutely fantastic motivational tool”. 

By gamifying elements of VR fitness, people are much more likely to keep exercising. They have to beat their record. They have to get on that leaderboard. And they just keep going. 

Immersive VR environments make fitness fun

Playing sports outside is one thing, exercising in the gym is another. You are indoors and tied down to one of the machines so it can become boring really fast. 

If we do say so ourselves, a whole other virtual reality sounds like the perfect solution to keep this process interesting. Immersing people in virtual environments greatly enhances their gym experiences whether they exercise alone, in small groups or compete with their friends. 

Remember, 30% of members said that they are more likely to join a gym if it has VR. That’s your USP right there! Now, you just have to pick one VR option that works for you – but here’s a suggestion. 

We’ve developed Holofit with all of these things in mind. As such, it gives you an edge over your competitors and significantly enhances the value of your cardio floor. 

It attracts people who otherwise wouldn’t have been in the gym, and then our gamification systems complete with an app for people to track their progress keeps them coming back. 

On top of that, Holofit opens up completely new revenue streams. Whatever your monetization model is – PT-led small group training, pay-per-use or integration with the existing management software, we’ve got you covered. 

We’re fitness. Reinvented. 

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