We’ve been working hard to make indoor workouts even better for you and have a number of new developments to share. 

The biggest one is having made HOLOFIT compatible with all indoor bikes and ellipticals! 

HOLOFIT is now compatible with all indoor bikes and ellipticals

HOLOFIT’s compatibility list has always been long – but, we’ve just made it infinite, as far as indoor bikes and ellipticals are concerned. 

By using a cadence sensor, you will now be able to ride any indoor bike and run on any elliptical with HOLOFIT! 

You can buy the sensor with your HOLOFIT Go to easily set up everything out of the box. The sensor comes in at $30. 

Do I need a sensor with my bike?

If your bike or elliptical supports the FTMS Bluetooth protocol, then no – you don’t need the cadence sensor. You can connect HOLOFIT directly to your bike. There are a couple of indoor bike producers that we know work with HOLOFIT without the sensor – Body Bike, Star Trac, TechnoGym recumbent bike…

In any other case, you have to get the cadence sensor. 

How does it work?

The cadence sensor monitors the pedal rotation on the bike and wheel rotation on the elliptical. All you need to do is attach the sensor to one of the pedals on your bike. 

After connecting HOLOFIT to the sensor over Bluetooth, as soon as you start riding or running, your workout data is transferred into HOLOFIT. 

Can I buy the cadence sensor through Holodia?

Yes! In your ordering process, just add the cadence sensor and you’ll find it in your package! 



If you’re ready to get your indoor workouts to the next level, get your cadence sensor and free trial of HOLOFIT here.


For anything you might need, we’re always available at sales (@) holodia.com