You have a non-Bluetooth rowing machine, but you want to use HOLOFIT on it. Is that possible? 

Yes! Many of our members use HOLOFIT on their non-Bluetooth rowing machines, thanks to the headset tracking!

HOLOFIT tracks the movement of the headset, which is how your avatar in VR is synchronized with your movements on your rowing machine.

No need to attach the controllers to the handlebar anymore! Go into the HOLOFIT settings, select Fitness machine, and then select the Simple rower option, and you’re good to go! 

With so many different rowing machines out there, we wanted to make sure everyone could use HOLOFIT!


Other than that, here’s a quick reminder that the HOLOFIT Freestyle can be used without a fitness machine for core, arm, shoulder, and back workouts. 

Finally, if you have your Oculus Quest and want to give HOLOFIT a try, claim your 7-day free trial