Welcome to Nihon – a world shrouded in mystery. This Far East environment will take your breath away with its stunning flora and fauna, and bewitch you with its magic.

Unlike any other HOLOworlds, this one has a new and unique gameplay, accompanied by a backstory that only the most devoted athletes will get to the bottom of. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open, as even the smallest details may play an important role in unraveling the mystery that is Nihon.


You have found yourself on a strange body of water. Everything around you is cloaked in a purply mist. As you make your way through this new land, you might start noticing some interesting objects and encounter other humans, who seem to belong to different groups…or clans?

You hear bits and pieces about the history of Nihon – 

What was once a peaceful and prosperous land, with Humans and Spirits coexisting in harmony – became a barren, shadow of the former.

But where are these Spirits now? No one has seen them in ages…

What exactly happened to make the Spirits lose faith in humanity is yet unknown. The hope lies in rune stones, which are now mere remnants of an old magic.

But the Humans are in dire need of this old magic…

Legend has it that whoever collects the rune stones and opens the hidden sanctuary will come face-to-face with the wise and ancient Ancestor Spirit.

Do you have what it takes to unravel the mystery and restore peace?


Nihon flora and fauna

From the misty lake all the way to the sanctuary of the Ancient Spirit, this HOLOworld is full of hints and surprises. 

What can you see in Nihon? You are on a mission, traveling through a land now divided between two Human clans – the Aka-gumi and Ao-gumi:

Explore their villages, see the dojos that once served as training centers for heroic samurais, find legendary weapons like The Spear of Discord, important omens like The Daruma and Jizo statues, and even find a real-life homage to Holodia CEO – 

The Medal Order of the Sacred Treasure Star, awarded to him by the Emperor of Japan.

Stay vigilant. A lucky individual might even encounter the Spirit Donkey, seen only by true HOLOFITTERS.

Finally, those who manage to open the Sanctuary door will be faced with a challenge straight out of Aesop’s fables. Here’s a hint:

Remember the lion tortured by a thorn in its paw? Here’s a chance to be a hero!



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Have fun exploring!