Winter is upon us, and you know what that means – lots of indoor rowing. 

In itself, rowing is one of the harder sports out there. When coupled with your “four walls”, it goes on to become quite boring and unmotivating as well. So, what can you do?


Anything repetitive gets old after a while. Find your favorite workout plan, do it every day for 2 weeks and you’ll soon find it unbearable. 

That’s why we’ve decided to give you some suggestions on mixing up your indoor rowing workouts. Read through and decide what works for you. 

Exercise regularly, eat well (if you don’t have time to cook, find the best meal delivery service for yourself), and you’ll start seeing results fast.

Without further ado, let’s dive into different ways to make your indoor rowing fun.

1) Classic entertainment 

If you’ve researched home fitness entertainment options, you’ve definitely come across many fitness machines with tablets attached to them. But, you can do this with the tech you already own. 

How does rowing while watching someone row on YouTube sound? You could make this very interesting. Compete or simply follow the workout you’re watching. 

If you’re looking for a distraction, Netflix could be a good idea. You finally get to finish that TV show you’ve been watching, and all while working out. 

Finally, music. If you’re not listening to music while you’re working out, you’re missing out. Choose the genre based on the workout you’re doing. If it’s a long workout, choose something slower. Something more intense? Try heavier beats. 

Not only is music a mood booster, but it could also serve as a great motivator. 

2) Traditional console + logbook

Looking for something simple? Then pay more attention to your machine’s console. In addition, some machine manufacturers even have their own official logbooks. 

You can use the console to program your workouts, measure your results or even play games, provided that your console comes with them. These are not very complex, but could serve as a minor distraction. 

Furthermore, many machine manufacturers nowadays offer online logbooks (see: C2 Logbook). These are great for tracking your performance, setting goals, or competing with others in the rankings. Alternatively, you could even try 3rd party rowing apps and logbooks.  

3) Different workout routines (+ resources)

If you’re sticking to a certain workout routine, it might lead to boredom and a lack of motivation. 

We all need variety! With the abundance of information on the internet today, different rowing workout plans aren’t hard to find. 

If you’re a video person, Dark Horse Rowing has interesting videos on his YouTube channel. It’s great for workout ideas, but also rowing content in general. 

If you prefer reading, there are many blogs and articles online listing various rowing workout plans. Just Google it! 

4) Group training or competing against yourself or others

Humans are social beings. 

That’s why boutique fitness group classes are extremely popular. That’s why the fitness industry has been experiencing a connected fitness boom – with a plethora of different apps and services that enable people to connect with their friends when working out. 

Furthermore, there’s nothing quite as motivating as the competitive human nature. So, why not take advantage of that?

Trying to break your own score works great. Trying to break your friend’s score is a whole other level, though. It has even been proven that burning more calories is easier when working out with someone you perceive as better.

As mentioned before, there are a couple of ways to compete with your friends in ”analogue” by using different tracking apps to record your score and then compare. 

However, it is important to note that today there are ways to race your friends virtually from your home rowing machine – both in real time and not. 

We went there with VR Rowing to take full advantage of the competitive human nature in order to make indoor rowing for people interactive, fun, connected, customizable and gamified. 

HOLOFIT VR Fitness distracts you from the pain of working out with incredible environments, offers the opportunity to track your score and compare it to your friends, as well as compete with them or participate in small group training. 

If you’d like to learn more, head here