It’s time to hop into the eggciting world of HOLOFIT, with our 2024 Eggvent, live until April 4.

HOLOships for everyone!

This year we’ve decided to shake things up and take off the pressure of collecting all trophies to unlock the new HOLOship.

Instead, we’re introducing a brand new skin for your Spring HOLOship, available to everyone on the HOLOdeck!

You get a new vehicle, you get a new vehicle….everybody gets a new vehicle!

Egg hunt

But don’t worry, egg hunters, the thrill of the hunt remains intact. Our golden egg trophies are still scattered across the HOLOworlds, waiting for you to discover them. Head to the Journey mode and embark on an eggciting adventure to collect all 17!

Don’t forget – there are no trophies in Aiguebelette. However, there are 2 new additions, the Murano egg in Venice, and the Superegg in NYC Invasion!

Don’t miss out on the fun – join us for Eggvent 2024 and make this Easter a fitness celebration to remember!