In a world where technology continues to break boundaries and redefine possibilities, one organization in the heart of the Czech Republic is making an extraordinary difference in the lives of those with spinal cord injuries. Centrum Paraple, a public service company, is on a mission to empower people in wheelchairs and their families to lead rich, fulfilling lives. Their multidisciplinary team comprises social workers, physiotherapists, ergotherapists, movement therapists, self-sufficiency instructors, psychologists, personal assistants, and nurses. This unique organization offers invaluable services, helping individuals with spinal cord injuries overcome the challenges life throws at them.

One of the remarkable tools they’ve incorporated into their therapy regimen is the HOLOFIT app, and we spoke to Filip Dluhoš, a movement therapist (pohybový terapeut) at Centrum Paraple, about the transformative impact it has had on their clients.

Discovering the HOLOFIT App

As a passionate advocate for movement therapy and a VR enthusiast, Filip Dluhoš was keen to explore new ways to engage and assist their clients. When they acquired the Meta Quest 2, the search for the perfect app began. Their requirements were clear: it had to be fitness-oriented, wheelchair-friendly, and offer a wide range of game modes. Moreover, it needed to accommodate users with limited grip function.

After a thorough search, Filip stumbled upon HOLOFIT and knew instantly that it was the solution they were seeking. What set HOLOFIT apart was not only its fitness-oriented approach but also its adaptability for users in wheelchairs, complete with features that facilitated menu navigation. The gaze control option, crucial for people with paretic hands, was a standout feature, making the HOLOFIT app an ideal choice.

Utilizing HOLOFIT at Centrum Paraple

The journey with HOLOFIT at Centrum Paraple has been nothing short of amazing. As Filip describes it, the experience is so remarkable that one might think they should’ve “sent a poet” to capture it. While they’re still exploring the diverse fitness options and competitive features, HOLOFIT has become an integral part of their therapy sessions, with durations ranging from 30 to 60 minutes. For clients participating in their intensive 3-week program, one or two VR sessions are typically included. However, some clients choose VR as their top priority.

HOLOFIT Centrum Paraple

The Exciting Possibilities

What makes HOLOFIT even more exciting is the wide range of activities it offers. At Centrum Paraple, clients can enjoy handbike rides, ski runs, rowing experiences, and even running, all within the virtual world created by HOLOFIT. These activities can be repeated whenever they like, providing endless motivation and fun. The map options and the ability to test strength against another player add an extra layer of excitement. HOLOFIT is even compatible with the Concept 2 rowing trainer, enhancing its versatility.

From a therapeutic perspective, the benefits of HOLOFIT are extensive. It improves physical endurance, stability, and motivation, and can even reduce neuropathic pain, stress, and anxiety. Filip highlights the therapeutic potential of HOLOFIT, and it’s evident that this technology is making a profound impact on their clients’ lives.

Overcoming Hardware Limitations

Centrum Paraple faces hardware limitations due to the unique needs of its clients. Many of them cannot actively hold the controllers, so they use special gloves or custom straps. For clients with stability issues, waist and chest belts provide extra protection against falls from wheelchairs. To prevent clients from rolling onto their backs, additional safety measures are in place.

A Grateful Acknowledgment

Centrum Paraple operates largely on donations, and HOLOFIT has become one of their valued supporters. Their mission is not without significant costs, with one day of service amounting to €12,300 (approximately $13,400), half of which is covered by donations. They express their gratitude to Holodia for being a part of their journey towards transforming lives.

Your Journey with HOLOFIT

The story of Centrum Paraple and HOLOFIT is an inspiring testament to the power of technology in therapy and rehabilitation. To embark on your own journey with HOLOFIT and discover how it can revolutionize your fitness business or therapy sessions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the dedicated sales team at for additional information or inquiries. Together, we can take the first steps toward a brighter and more engaging future in the fitness world.

At Centrum Paraple, they are proving that HOLOFIT is more than just a fitness app – it’s a tool for transformation, empowerment, and fun. Join them on this incredible journey, and experience the future of therapy and fitness.