Welcome to the captivating world of fitness personalities, where your journey to optimal health and fitness begins with understanding your unique traits and preferences.

Whether you’re a fierce competitor driven by challenges, an adventure seeker embracing the thrill of the unknown, or a social butterfly thriving in multiplayer settings, we have just the match for you!

Explore the 4 different HOLOFIT fitness personalities, and find out the ideal workout style that aligns with who you truly are by taking a quiz at the end of this article!

Grace – Workout Socialite

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Focus: Combo Workouts, Zen mode, Multiplayer

Equipment: Quest 2, Freestyle mode

Meet Grace, the Workout Socialite with a passion for fitness. Her fitness personality floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. She embodies both grace and strength, as she aims to build endurance and coordination through her workouts.

Grace’s favorite workout mode in HOLOFIT is Combo Workouts, which challenges her to work on her goals in a dynamic and exciting way. With a focus on both cardio and strength training, this mode helps Grace improve her overall fitness while keeping her engaged and motivated.

In addition to Combo Workouts, Grace also enjoys Zen Mode, which she finds to be a relaxing and rejuvenating way to wind down after a long day.

Let’s not forget the  Multiplayer, as it allows her to connect with her friends and family while working out. This mode not only keeps her motivated and accountable but also provides the added benefits of social interaction and camaraderie!

Grace’s approach to fitness is both fun and functional. By incorporating a variety of workout modes that challenge her both physically and mentally, she can achieve a well-rounded fitness routine that improves her overall health and well-being.


Frank – Endurance Warrior

Slow and steady wins the race.

Focus: Explore, Performance, Multiplayer

Equipment: Quest 2, FTMS Bluetooth rower

Frank is an Endurance Warrior with a steadfast approach to fitness. He believes in the importance of building endurance and mental toughness, which he sees as essential for achieving his fitness goals. Frank is working towards completing a half-marathon on his rower, and he knows that slow and steady wins the race!

Frank’s favorite workout modes in HOLOFIT are Explore, Performance, and Multiplayer. Explore mode allows him to transport himself to virtual environments and make his training more engaging and enjoyable. By immersing himself in different HOLOworlds, Frank can maintain focus and reduce the monotony of long rowing sessions.

Performance mode is another favorite of Frank’s, as it allows him to track his progress and set goals for himself. By monitoring his performance metrics, such as distance, time, and stroke rate, Frank can stay motivated and see the progress he’s making toward his half-marathon goal. This mode also helps him identify areas where he can improve and refine his technique.

Finally, Multiplayer mode is a great way for Frank to stay motivated during his endurance training. By competing against other HOLOFITTERS and testing his progress, Frank can push himself harder and stay accountable to his goals. This mode also provides the added benefits of social interaction and support, which can be invaluable during long and challenging workouts.

Frank’s commitment to endurance training is not just about physical fitness, but also about developing mental toughness and resilience. He’s determined to push through the challenges and reach his goals, one stroke at a time.


Kris – Cardio Champion

Heart racing, goals chasing.

Focus: CardioGoals, Challenges, Multiplayer

Equipment: Pico Neo 3, stationary bike, cadence sensor

Say hello to Kris, the Cardio Champion and one of the most energetic and enthusiastic HOLOFIT users out there! 

For Kris, a workout is not just about burning calories or building muscles; it’s about pushing herself to the limit and feeling the rush of endorphins that come with an intense cardio session. Her motto, heart racing, goals chasing, sums up her approach to fitness perfectly.

Kris loves a challenge, which is why her favorite workout modes are CardioGoals, particularly the notorious HIIT that allows her to push her cardiovascular system to the max. These workouts are designed to increase aerobic capacity, boost endurance, and burn calories long after the workout is over. 

Adding a fun warm-up to your cardio workout is a match made in heaven! Kris never skips it, thanks to the Daily and Monthly challenges.

Finally, Kris loves the competitive energy of the Multiplayer mode. By competing against other HOLOFITTERS from around the world, Kris can push herself harder and stay motivated. The social aspect of Multiplayer mode also helps Kris stay accountable to her fitness goals and provides a supportive community to help her achieve them.

if you’re looking for inspiration and motivation to take your cardio game to the next level, look no further than Kris!


Hiroshi – Fitness Adventurer

Fitness is an awfully big adventure.

Focus: Journey mode, Multiplayer

Equipment: Quest Pro, elliptical, cadence sensor

Hiroshi, the Fitness Adventurer, is all about exploring and trying out new things. He’s a big believer in the power of technology to make workouts more exciting and engaging, and he’s constantly amazed by the immersive experiences offered by HOLOFIT. For him, fitness isn’t just a routine, but an awfully big adventure!

That`s probably why Journey mode is his go-to choice, as it allows him to embark on an immersive virtual experience. A journey would not be complete without a souvenir, right? Hiroshi collects trophies, which are more than just a way to track progress and achievement; they also serve as little easter eggs and snippets of the world’s backstory.

When he’s not busy collecting trophies and exploring new HOLOworlds, he’s challenging other HOLOFITTERS in Multiplayer mode, always looking for new friends and rivals to share his passion for fitness with.Hiroshi’s workout habits reflect his adventurous and curious nature, as well as his desire to challenge himself and see what he’s capable of. With HOLOFIT‘s cutting-edge fitness approach and immersive virtual environments, Hiroshi can explore new worlds, push his limits, and connect with like-minded fitness enthusiasts like never before!

Not sure which fitness personality suits you best?

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