The first environment ever created and one of your favorite HOLOworlds just got a makeover! 

The uncharted and remote Tropical island is waiting for a brave explorer – YOU!


You’ve shipwrecked on a tropical island and find yourself stranded with no way off…

The island seems peaceful and uninhabited at first, but all that changes once you start exploring the bustling flora and fauna!

Your task: Follow the blue parrot and find out what is hidden behind the luscious greenery.


Tropical flora and fauna

The island is anything but deserted! The genius island folk have found a way to cohabit on an island swarming with crocodiles and strange aquatic creatures. They’ve even managed to befriend the very dangerous and aggressive hippos!

By the way, did you know that hippos can’t swim? They move through water on their toes, like some giant aquatic ballerinas.


Keep your eyes open, for once you enter the Hunting Grounds and pass the Island Village, danger lies ahead. The deeper you go into the jungle, the more peculiar creatures emerge.

Explore the Coral Cave of wonders, guarded by a long-lost Aztec god of fire and lighting, Xolotl, who likes to disguise himself as a salamander. There’s a suspiciously large Axolotl somewhere in the cave, could it be Xolotl in disguise?

Xolotl isn’t the only godlike being on the island…there`s evidence of a long-lost civilization that worshiped an extremely stubborn animal. Any hints?

The only mystery left to solve is that darn ticking sound. What could possibly be ticking like a clock, on an island that has never before experienced contact with the outside world? Hopefully, the crocodiles can point you in the right direction. They seem to be running the place.


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Have fun exploring!