MyHOLOFIT Story: How HOLOFIT on Elliptical Helped Me Burn Fat and Significantly Improve My Performance, by Keith W.

Keith is one of the most active HOLOFIT members from the USA. He has been using HOLOFIT VR Fitness on his elliptical machine for some time now to improve his cardio, burn fat, and lose weight. He wanted to share his story.

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My name is Keith. I live in Los Angeles, California and I’m 57 years old.

I had a Matrix elliptical piece of equipment and although it’s a great piece of equipment that does everything I needed it to, I was looking to create more of a challenge for myself, and HOLOFIT actually provided that. 

HOLOFIT is a completely different experience. They call it an immersion and that’s truly what it is. You have 360 degrees of complete stimulation –  you can look in front of you, around you, up, down, you can look behind you (if you can while you’re running), but it’s just an amazing experience.

On the days that I really want to push myself the hardest, I’ll actually compete against myself. On these runs, you’ll time yourself against your previous record, and you will see a hologram visual representation of yourself 25 meters in front of yourself if you’re running slower than your last or best pace.

That’s quite an interesting challenge because it’s constantly making you compete for your best time. Having a competitive nature, I’ve been pushing myself to some pretty extreme workouts that create some of the best times I’ve ever put on my elliptical. And quite frankly, I never would have pushed myself to create that type of level of fitness had I not been challenging myself through the HOLOFIT. So, if you’re really looking to up your game, if you really want to bring your fitness routine and your cardio to a whole different level, HOLOFIT is going to do that.

One of my favorite runs is actually Paris, and I won’t ruin the experience for you guys who are thinking about getting HOLOFIT, but there are some startling things – in one scene something actually came out from the side as I was running around the banks of the river in Paris and actually startled me that I almost came out of my elliptical. It’s just amazing so you’ll have to find out for yourself. Get the HOLOFIT program! 

In two months, I’ve dropped from 185 pounds to 179 pounds, mostly fat loss. My cardio has increased, my top times have increased, and I highly recommend it to anybody who wants to really up their game and improve their cardio. 

These developers are improving their program every day. They’re adding video enhancements, they’re adding new places to run, they’re adding musical changes and backgrounds, and just constantly upgrading the actual software itself. Every two to four weeks I’ll redownload any new software updates that have come up which are always fun because you get to see what new stuff you can do with it.

 I thoroughly enjoy it and I recommend it to everybody. I’m a happy HOLOFIT user every day. 

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