Staying active is paramount to achieving a healthy lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you have to move just to move. Instead of just going through the motions, stay engaged with your health plan by finding recreational activities that keep your body and mind focused and captivated. 

However, staying healthy and fit nowadays is a little bit challenging, especially if you are a gym-goer or used to social interaction while getting into shape. Since social distancing is highly encouraged, we have to find alternative ways to get fit while having fun. 

Here are some activities that are worth trying:

1) VR Fitness Gym At Home

Going to the gym might be challenging, so why not have the gym at your home? 

You can work your cardio in the comfort of your home. HOLOFIT provides VR fitness training that is advantageous to get you in shape while you stay at home. Who says that getting fit can’t be fun? Plus, your social distancing experience can be more enjoyable by engaging with the HOLOFIT community. 

Additionally, there is lots of exploring that you can do using your HOLOFIT. You can travel around the world, from Paris to San Franciso to ancient Babylon and even Saturn while working out. You can have your cardio workout at home while having fun and socializing from a safe distance. 

2) Playing Golf With Your Friends

One of the best activities for individuals looking for a pastime to be enjoyed with a group of friends or with limited people around is a round of golf. Not only does 18 holes force the individuals to move for four hours, but it allows for a relaxed experience that deepens relationships. Of course, social distancing is highly encouraged. Unlike other sports, golf can be played by people while still practicing all the safety precautions.

What’s great about golf is that there is no age limit or skill requirement. Anyone can get out on the links and enjoy a day in the sun knocking the little white ball around the course. Many golf courses are back in their operating activities, although there are restrictions, and you may need to bring your own gear. 

3) Walking Your Dogs In a Public Place

If you own a pet or know someone who does, then taking a dog to a park or public setting and walking the animal will provide an excellent exercise for both of you and your dog. Just don’t forget to have your dog fed or bring a treat that you can give when the walk is over. Given that social distancing is recommended, you can still meet a bunch of people with the same passion for dogs while you take your companion for a walk. 

If you find yourself consistently experiencing high stress due to work, a series of casual walks with the (wo)man’s best friend will assuredly lower your blood pressure and clear your mind. And if you are stressed with the ongoing pandemic, get some air outside, wear your mask, and have some walking time with your dog. It is good to have a new refreshing environment, interact with other people, but of course, always ensure that safety is your top priority. If you don’t have a dog but have enough resources, you might consider adopting one

4) Biking

Biking is an enjoyable activity that can be performed either on-or off-road. Actually, HOLOFIT works on top of indoor bikes, as well. On the other hand, if you’re an outdoor cyclist, there are hundreds of parks across the world that offer paths that will engage all of your senses while giving your heart a good workout.

Finding the right bike for you doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor, as many companies offer reliable options around $150. You can go biking in solo, or have your partner with you and go for some race. It would be fun to roam around places and get fit too. 

Alternatively, you can always give HOLOFIT a try and explore the most magical of places right from your indoor exercise bike. 


5) Skiing in the Winter

Depending on your location, this might be something to look forward to at the year’s end. 

If you find yourself staying inside far too often during the winter, then hitting the slopes is an excellent remedy to busting those cold-weather blues. Even if you aren’t a first-class skier, a day on the mountain offers plenty of fresh air and hours of real fun.

Taking classes on learning how to ski is also a great way to gain the proper fundamentals if you find yourself overwhelmed by the thought of strapping skis to your feet. Although winter might be far, at least you have something to look forward to, and perhaps, social interaction would be encouraged at that time. 

6) Kayaking

During the warmer months of the year, kayaking is a sneaky good activity that helps build muscle along the upper body while offering a fantastic cardiovascular workout that gets the heart rate jumping in the best way possible.

Kayaking is another activity that may seem expensive on the outside. Still, it is actually quite reasonable even when you factor in the cost of specialized equipment to attach the kayak to your vehicle. As you can kayak alone, it’s a great activity to do while social distancing. 

If you already own your own indoor rowing machine, you might have the chance to experience HOLOFIT and work out on the virtual waters of various exciting worlds. Check whether your rowing machine is compatible with HOLOFIT. 


All in all, while getting fit in the “new normal” might be a little bit challenging, it’s far from impossible. There are still activities that you can try while social distancing. As a suggestion, try including your spouse, kids, or even your dog as your companion in these activities. It’ll be fun!

If you’re interested to try the free trial of HOLOFIT, but unsure of whether your rowing machine, bike or elliptical is compatible – head here to find out.