HOLOFIT started as an app that brings new life to your cardio machines. 

Over time, we have diversified the experience further, and the time came to introduce our full-body Freestyle Combo Workouts. 

Today, we’re coming to you with some actionable tips on incorporating HOLOFIT Combo Workouts in your workout routine. 

Introducing Combo Workouts 

HOLOFIT Train menu

Combo Workouts help activate your full body in your Oculus Quest workouts. 

Located in the “Train” menu, Combo Workouts begin with one random sports activity, take you to the exercise platform where you have to complete a series of bodyweight exercises – squats, punches, and more, and then challenge you with the next sport activity – combining running, skiing and bicycling in one. 

The difficulty level can be adjusted to very easy, easy, medium, hard, and very hard.

Squats primarily target your gluteus maximus, hip flexors, and quadriceps, as well as abdominal muscles, calves, hamstrings, and lower back. 

Make sure to keep your back straight, and rely on our interactive scale that will help you achieve the correct form, and get the most out of your squats. 

HOLOFIT Combo Workouts Squats

To throw a good punch, imagine the force going through your body: starting from your feet, and exiting through your fists. First, activate your legs, feel the power moving up through your core, abs, and upper body muscles, and finally exiting through your arm. 

Here are three pro tips to make it easier for beginners: 

  1. At the point of impact, find your balance by shifting weight onto the foot that is on the same side as your punching arm. 
  2. Drive the punch with your whole torso, and not just your fist. 
  3. Don’t be too stiff! Put your hips into it! 

In HOLOFIT, your avatar will have one red and one blue boxing glove. With each hand, you’ll have to break the board in the corresponding color. 

HOLOFIT Combo Workouts Boxing

And then, it’s time for wide squats with the cube picking exercise. Stand with your feet wide apart, squat down, and use the controller to pick up a cube with the hand of the corresponding color (blue vs. red). Pick the cube up, and drop it in the floating box. Not only will you work your legs, but you’ll find that this is also a great hand-eye coordination exercise! 

HOLOFIT Combo Workouts Cube Picking

Finish off with the log cutting exercise. Stand with your shoulder-width apart, keep your core tight, and try to cut down the log before the time runs out, activating your arms and shoulders.

HOLOFIT Combo Workouts Log Cutting

Incorporating Combo Workouts Into Your Routine

Combo Workouts Combined with Fitness Machines

If you’re using HOLOFIT on a fitness machine, Combo Workouts will add just enough spice to keep your workouts fresh and activate other parts of your body that you may have forgotten about. 

Our workout suggestion:

Add in a combo workout as one of your weekly workouts. If you usually do three per week, make one of them a Combo. The more body muscles you activate, the better.

Combo Workouts As the Main HOLOFIT Activity 

If you don’t have a fitness machine, use full-body Combo Workouts as your main activity. 

Our workout suggestion: 

  • Assess your fitness level and set the difficulty for each Combo exercise accordingly. The difficulty level can be adjusted to very easy, easy, medium, hard, and very hard.
  • Introduce Combo Workouts to your fitness routine, adding them three times per week.
  • At first, do one of the three workouts on a tougher setting than the other two.
  • Slowly progress onto higher difficulty levels.

Combo Workouts With Other Freestyle Sports

If you’re looking for a lighter routine, use our Freestyle Sports as your main activity, and add in one weekly Combo Workout to switch it up. 

Our workout suggestion:

  • Once per week, incorporate Combo Workouts into your routine.
  • Use the difficulty settings to ensure you don’t overdo yourself, and listen to your body.
  • Doing these once per week will help you in the long run, and speed up your fitness progress.

Have you already tried Combo Workouts? How will you use them in your routine? 

If you’re ready to give HOLOFIT a try, sign up for your free trial today!