Humans are competitive by nature. 

To provide an additional motivation driver, HOLOFIT now features a new Race mode. 

“But, how is this different than the Multiplayer?” 

Good question! The difference lies in your opponents. 

Whereas in Multiplayer (where you connect two or more fitness machines to enable user competition) you would compete against other people, in Race mode you compete against computer-generated players ready to match your fitness level. 

It’s the perfect workout mode for anyone who wants to seriously improve their fitness level and achieve measurable results. 

The race is available at distances of 500m, 1000m, 2000m, 5000m, 10km or even as a half-marathon at 21.09km. That last one you’ll probably want to build up your fitness level for, but in the meantime, here are some suggestions on incorporating Races into your workouts. 

Always Warm Up Before VR Racing 

Racing is intensive, especially when you have your eye on that first place. To avoid any injuries, it is highly recommended that you warm up before. 

Why not explore Babylon? How many trophies can you collect? 

Explore for at least 10 minutes to get your muscles working. When you have done that, you can start your race. 

On the same note, don’t go overboard with your chosen distance. Try to be as realistic as possible, but always shoot for a little bit outside of your comfort zone. 

How to Incorporate the Racing Mode into Your VR Workouts

Something we’re extremely proud of is HOLOFIT’s versatility. 

You can “program” your workouts in many, many different ways. You could go on for months without repeating the same workout twice. Unless you really like one… which, in all honesty, will probably happen.  

Just in case, we’ll suggest a couple of different VR workout plans that feature the racing mode. 

30-Min VR Fitness Workout with Race Mode

We’ll start this workout with a warm-up, move on to the race and end with a cool-down. Keep in mind that this is just a suggestion, you can switch environments or workout modes according to your preferences.  

  • Warm-up: Explore mode in Tropical, 15 minutes
  • Race mode: 500m in Cambridge, 5 minutes
  • Cool-down: Explore mode in Babylon, 10 minutes

Community VR Workout Example with Race Mode

Our community members often share their own workout plans. Check out our member Sylvain’s routine below. 


Half-Marathon Workout in Race Mode

Only for the brave! Again, make sure that you warm up for a little while before starting this 21.09km race. Here’s a suggestion: 

  • Warm-up: Explore mode in San Francisco, 10 minutes
  • Half-Marathon: Cambridge

Don’t forget to charge your headset to its full capacity before this! 

Beginner’s VR Fitness Workout with Race Mode

If you’re a beginner, try this 20-min VR Fitness workout routine: 

  • Warm-up: Explore mode in Underwater, 10 minutes
  • Race mode: 500m in Tropical, 5 minutes
  • Cool-down: Explore mode in Saturn, 5 minutes

There you go! You are now ready to incorporate the racing mode into your VR workouts.

You’ve seen how Sylvain incorporates it, and he managed to 5x his rowing performance using HOLOFIT. Learn about it here.