In addition to cadence sensors, HOLOFIT now also supports Speed sensors for bicycles. 

Speed sensors will work with HOLOFIT in the same way cadence sensors do, although they will have to be positioned a little bit differently. 

The speed sensor will have to be positioned on the axis of the wheel like the picture above. If you don’t have access to the wheel of your bike, it’s best that you use a cadence sensor instead

Who is this for? 

This is great for anyone who owns a bike and wishes to transform their indoor cycling experience. For example, if you Zwift on your bike, but wish to bring that experience into VR, you now can.


Simply place your speed sensor on the axis of your bicycle’s wheel, and tada – you’ve got yourself a VR bike. 

After getting your VR bike ready, you only need to get a VR headset and HOLOFIT. 

If you already own a VR headset, you can check if it is compatible with HOLOFIT.  If not, you can get one through us.

Finally, when you have all the hardware ready, start your free HOLOFIT trial.  

What do I get with HOLOFIT?

HOLOFIT completely transforms your indoor cycling experience

With 10+ VR environments, 5 workout modes, and our community, it’s all you need to keep your cycling workouts at home social, fun, and motivating: in a fully immersive experience. 

Check out how HOLOFIT helps our member Alexa stay fit in winter months by making her indoor cycling experience fun and motivating.